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(I did not write this! Well the bulk of it. A friend did!)
Jason sighed to himself and placed his forehead against the desk that he was sitting at. Why did he have to take this stupid English class anyway? His major was in chemistry, he studied the sciences. Why did he have to learn about all the advanced bits of language? It wasn't like he was really going to use them that much.
"Oh don't whine about it."
He looked up to see Sarah staring down at him. Her blond hair and blue eyes made her look every bit the part of the stereotypical dumb blond. However, she had a wit and mind that were quite a bit sharper than appearances would lead someone to believe. He'd known that ever since he'd met her back in the sophomore year of high school. She was scratching away at a blank sheet of paper, her hand rapidly tracing out lines and angles, though he couldn't quite see what she was drawing.
"I didn't say anything," Jason moaned, rubbing his temple.
"But you were thinking it." She giggle
:iconroger64:Roger64 24 3
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She is a little mischievous...slightly greedy.  She snatches the gum and pops it in her mouth before anyone can stop her.

She chews rapidly, suddenly taken aback by a gush of flavor in her soup...pouring down her throat, warming her belly...

The robust taste of tomatoes fades...the rich flavor replaced by roast beef with the hint of a baked potato...meaty...salty on her tongue...butter, actual butter wrapped around the flavor of the baked potato...everyone's pleas for her to stop fall on deaf ears...she is engrossed...the decadence of this meal, these tastes, all rolling on her tongue, making her mouth water...she feels the sheer pleasure of it all...

Now she tastes a burst of sweetness, fruity...covered in rich cream...the taste is familiar yet elusive...the almost too-sweet fruit, smothered in creamy smoothness...the hint of pie...actual pie.  The fruit dawns on her in an epiphany:, dark, sweet blueberries.  She can feel the juice from mouthful after mouthful trickle down her throat...a most incredible dessert, baked to perfection and absolutely irresistible...

As she half -closes her eyes in delight, she almost doesn’t notice the sudden lack of protest over her indulgence.  She looks around, half confused as she realizes she is the absolute center of attention, eyes rapt on her.  She catches brief snippets and hushed whispers...words like "blue" and "unnatural" and "skin".  The warmth in her belly lessens her concerns.  Mindlessly she chews on, savoring every last drop of the sweet fruit taste filling her mouth...

She looks around again, suddenly aware that everyone has fallen silent a second time.  A pause hangs in the air as she shifts slightly, growing the least bit uncomfortable by everyone staring.  She feels increasingly self-conscious; her clothes, normally quite comfortable, feel snug, restrictive, binding.  She moves her wide red belt a little, adjusting it, unable to get it to feel "just right" no matter what she does.

Her belt becomes harder and harder to move, growing oddly more tight of its own accord.  She tries to sweep her hand down her front to smooth her deep blue top.  Awkwardly her hand brushes the golden buttons unexpectedly, the cool metal sticking out much more prominently.  Her hands, palms sweaty, sweep downward to her sides, slapping hips far easier than she remembered possible.  She feels different somehow...alien in her own unfamiliar body.

Deeply confused, she looks down at herself.  Her hands glide over her belly...hips...thighs... Suddenly she is aware of far more fullness, explaining mutely why her clothes feel - and look - much more snug.  Again, gasps and murmurs of concern...floating voices echoing "...blowing up..." and "...air out of her quick..." and a harsh voice emphasizing the word "explodes!"

Her clothes grow tighter and tighter, stretching out over her once-flat belly.  Her belt groans and, inwardly, she does also.  Feeling the pressure building from within (the warmth in her belly grows, does her hip and thighs), her arms and legs plump, pushed outward as her blue matching outfit becomes tighter and tighter and tighter.  She feels the taut fabric in the crack of her ass and rubbing snugly against her pussy.  

She shuffles unceremoniously around, desperately trying to take into account all that is happening to her.  Each slow, ungainly step causes the smooth fabric of her stretched, tortured panties to rub her swollen clit.  She feels so full.  Each passing moment growing fuller, swelling bigger as her pussy becomes engorged and sensitive.  Had she even the frustrating desire to, she could not reach down between her legs to caress her aching pussy.

Groaning deeply from the pressure and the pleasure, she hears her belt creak, then pop loudly as it bursts forth from her belly.  Her midsection surges forward, making her look rounder and rounder as waves of sensation wash down her belly to her trembling thighs.  She bites her lower lip in anticipation, knowing even the slightest movement causes a shudder of pleasure in her nether regions.

She moves slowly across the room in an attempt to escape the stares and whispers.  With each step her swollen clit becomes more rigid and sensitive.  She feels as though she might explode in ecstasy.  Her puzzled look shows the world what she is thinking.  She needs to get out; she needs to let it out.  She just wants to rip her clothes off so that she can feel the relief of letting go, of being free from her bondage.  

It is becoming harder to breathe now. She pants, her quick rhythmic breaths resemble that of an animal in heat.  "What is happening to me?  What is happening to my body?" she grasps for an explanation of the surging juices that fill her insides.  The warm gushes make her shiver in delight.  With a sheepish smile and the lick of her lips, she rolls her eyes back into her head as she drinks in the sensation of the nipples of her ballooning breasts rubbing against the ever tightening bra.  "Oh, my God," she gasps. "Oh, my God!" she screams.

The onlookers watch in anticipation.  The men are aroused at the sensuous sounds coming from her breathless body.  Their engorged cocks cannot be hid; they cannot stop watching her.  Charlie reaches down to explore his own manhood; his instincts take over as he rubs himself and becomes harder.  He knows what he must do.

Her senses have now overpowered her.  She can't trust her own thoughts.  She is becoming weak from her struggles to move, to leave, to break free.  How could she have put herself in this position?  With flapping sweeps of swollen arms she pulls feebly at the neckline of her shirt as the tightening collar begins to strangle her.  She knows that she can't fight anymore and succumbs to her body's ever compromising position. "Who will help me?  Please someone help me!" she gasps with her last conscious breath.

Charlie steps forward with his erect cock, hard and ready against his jeans.  He grabs her and rolls her over, so that he can kiss her plump lips.  She tastes so sweet, like a sweet blueberry pie.  He drinks from her swollen mouth as she sighs into submission.  His hands rub her swollen breasts and she tries to protest.  As he loosens the buttons of her jumper one bye one, buttons popping apart, she stirs in anticipation.  His hands graze her protruding belly as they seek the warm juicy place between her legs, inside her pants.

It's as if the entire world has left; they cannot think of anything but the inevitable physical play that they will act out with their bodies.  She allows him to explore her hot, juicy pussy as his hand struggles to find her clitoris.

As his hand enters her tumultuous cavern he is aroused by the warm, wet, creamy feeling between his fingers.  "Huh”, he sensuously sighs.  Feelings of his needs, thoughts of his desires permeate his mind and drives him to fulfill himself using his helpless victim.

He smells the sweet scent of blueberries.  The intoxicating smell makes him lick his lips in anticipation.  He must taste her sweet juices.  He must make her want him as much as he wants her! He smiles mischievously as his eyes sparkle with delight.
In one forceful movement, he rolls her into position.  He frees her from her already ripped panties.  She tries to move, tries to resist his advances.  She is paralyzed from her plumpness.  A part of her wants him inside her; she wants him but doesn't want him to know it.  She screams, "No!  Please stop!  I can't!"  But her cries fall on deaf ears.  He knows she wants him; he knows she needs him.  He is a man on a mission; he cannot stop himself even if he wanted to.

As if he was consuming the most delicious dessert imaginable, he dives for her ready pussy.  She groans with delight as he probes her with his hot tongue; her eyes roll back into her head.  She is now his prisoner.  Her fate is sealed.  She does not want it to stop.  She will not let him stop.  Her gasps of delight drive him as he drinks in her sweet juiciness.  "HMMM," escapes from his mouth.  "You taste so good, so sweet!"

He knows he must continue to subdue her.  She is now a slave to his whims, his desires, his needs.  He will enjoy this more than she will.  He has the power to make her his for as long as he wants her.  But first...he must help her finish the climb to the top.  First, he must make her cum.
Charlie cannot contain his excitement as he hears her moans of pleasure.  His cock is now rock hard and pulses with each sound.  He needs relief soon.  He just can't hold in in much longer.  He reaches down to stimulate his own erect tool.  "HMMMM," he moans in delight.

Violet hears his sensuous moan as he continues to probe her hot pussy with his tongue.  As he finds he swollen clit, she gasps for air.  "Oh, my God!" escapes from her mouth.  He devilishly smiles to himself.  He knows that this is now her time.  She will experience the most explosive pleasures of her life, whether she wants to or not.  Her moans become louder as his tongue dances inside her luscious lips.  Each stroke of her clitoris makes her body jump in delight.  

Her senses have completely taken over her will.  She cannot move, she cannot fight; she doesn't want to.  "Oh, oh," her moans are more pronounced.  "Oh, OH!" He knows it is coming.  "OH, OH, OH MY GOD!  OH MY GOD!" she screams.  He feels her body tremble uncontrollably.  She doesn't know what to do.  She doesn't know where she is.  She is engulfed in a passion like nothing she has experienced before.  With her last scream of utter satisfaction, Charlie drinks her sweet nectar, the sweetest nectar of all.  Her juices flow freely, completely, trickling down his throat and onto his chin.
Blueberry Perspective Re-Upload
Apparently the original has disappeared but fortunately I copied and saved it years ago. Yeah I WISH I wrote this. I did not write this but I certainly fell in love with it.
Loading... took DA about 12 years to realize that the David Rachael juicing story was really explicit and have removed it...I sure hope someone else saved that somehow since that was written about four computers ago. :( THANKS DA!


Roger Barnes
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I was surprised by how many birthday wishes I got so that was much appreciated. Sadly they came at a super busy work time and I kept forgetting to update the journal. I'm sorry to not be really writing anymore but maybe if the next awesome idea comes along I'll do it.

As for my usual movie yakking I saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it was a total home run in the fun department. Go see it, I'll see it again rather than the next Ninja Turtles anyday I think. The next Ninja Turtles looks a lot like a Michael Bay movie, produced this time, and no interest in that.
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