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The Longest Night (Part 6)


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Thank you for watching.

"My Little Pony" ©Hasbro
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.... is it over?....
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No, this is 6/7.
>8'/...... *sniff*.....
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Very nice I called it. To bad it is almost done, looking forward to the next page.
What was Nightmare Moon trying to do with the sun?
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LOL, I'm sorry if my drawing wasn't clear enough.

That was Moon's "ultimate" spell, strong enough to kill the entire planet.
(That's why I showed an Equestria in agony in all its different regions and lands).
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Hehehe... Seems she underesatimated the power of my Queen. >=3
TheBlueDreamMaker's avatar a portal to the moon....interesting interpretation ^^
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And so ends the prequel to the main series.
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Neigh, this is 6/7.
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well ok then, just one more
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