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The Longest Night (Part 4)


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It's like a freakin anime !
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Nightmare Moon said "Hehe"
That is hilarious.
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This was a very amazing piece, great work.
o_o.... is it over?....
*curls up in fetal position*
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Where's the six EoH?
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So she found the elements lying on the ground. I wonder how they got there? Seeing that they are ancient artifacts.
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Actually, the Elements were created by Celestia and Luna during their match against Discord.
Nonetheless, according to my fanfic (and personal vision), the first elements were only 3, not 6.
Those Elements were kept in the Palace for further research.

Celestia, in her duel against Nightmare, is defeated because Moon is an entity beyond her.
Eventually, after being defeated, Celestia remained in an self-imposed exile in the woods.
During that time, Celestia's despair and sorrow grew enough to create another 3 Elements,
just like the first time.

The combination of the first 3, lost under the castle's ruins, with the remaining ones, formed
what we know as "The Elements of Harmony". Now with that power, she felt ready 
to confront Nightmare once and for all. 
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Welcome to my castle... said the spider to the fly. :)
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