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3ft width x 2ft height


Perdition is a painting of depression and how you feel when depressed.
The Character on the bottom and the mask he is carrying are both the same person though separated because the character on his knee is the flesh part of humans and the inner is the mask. While in state of depression your own mind can be the most hateful thing because when depressed you can do actions you would never do. That is why the mask is with a grin. Depression is bad because nobody has is causing you harm but your own self. Our minds are sometimes the harshest enemy. Another trait of depression is when your depressed you feel that people around you family or others in your life talk about you in a bad way, and it is usually not true. The representation of that is the character on the middle of this work. As you see the character that is also laughing at something and point is not actually pointing at the character in the lower right corner but something we can not see. The mask on the back of the character on the lower left also represents the weight of everyday life. We have all had days that it is hard to wake up and do what is necessary for life, the pain of waking up is sometimes the hardest part of everyday life the fact of getting up is a direct conformation to the day that will come by getting up you prove you can go on everyday. Does in this case it seems he has just fallen down… with the character with a frown for sadness… The light on the mask means there is still hope. (just like my other paintings) The road that the character on the lower right is rough and dark… Does he decide to continue? Or does he decide to stay down? That is the question we should all make in our own minds each morning

Ah a painting with a moral

-Description of my art works-

This is a vague description of what I attempt to do with my works. My works deal with psychological problems and how I and other feel when these problems hit. My art works currently are painted in drama form. In the way that all the character or actors are placed straight the view in sort of Opera. I am attempting to bring something different into surrealism and that is more in-depth feelings inside of me and others. Masks are a great way to show emotion, and has been used in plays in the past. So In a way I am combining many elements into my works from some ideas of renaissance style to mural paintings and some traits of plays. I have not reached my goal and this is a life time project.

Thanks for seeing my work

Here are three close up pictures of my painting.


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It's the creepy mask! Aaaah!
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you are an amazing artist!
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just incrivel....really good interesting mind...really nice :)
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This is awesome!!!
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- The Figure In The Back That Lookz Like A Lord Or Something Iz Great He Iz Smilling

While The One That Knieez Lookz Sad And Hurt Maybe Wanting 2 Run Away From Hiz

Master Or something i Wish i Had More Time 2 Talk About Thizz But i Haven't Soo

i've Gotta Go Now Byeeeeeee

- +fav
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Scary. I know all to well the feelings behind the creation of this picture. I've been there. A lot of people in this community have. A thing of true beauty you have created here.

+add to Favs
+add to devwatch
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*Recovers and adds pic to favs*
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another neato moment man

Point Right neato Point Left

- aparently neurotic Crazy
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very good again m'man! and congrats on another dd!
one problem i have with this is that without the description, and even with it to a degree, it's not clear by looking at the painting that you did intend for the arm to be pointing not quite at him. it helps with the description, but it still looks more like it is pointing at him, just not a very good job of doing so... know what i mean? it looks more like an error in the painting then as something that could be meant two different ways...
excellent job overall though man! Thumbs Up
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kinda like dali... that smacks big ol balls
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What can i say, its very very nice, like the "dark" style :) (Smile)
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That is AMAZING!

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that's pretty freaking tight.
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omfg oh freaking nice.
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wow... Jawdrop the explaination alone is incredible... Wow!!!!!!!! +favlove
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wonderful... absolutely wonderful work! nice !
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i love your style! Horns wow....depresssing....sad.....dark.....emotional....i love it! +fav da prints peeeeeez?.
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... I usually don';t comment on big beautiful and also successful works like this, because I'm sure you're getting comments by the masses and probably deleting them before you get to read them all. But the only thing I wanted to say is that this was brilliant, and would do very well on "da prints".

Salvador Dalhi reincarnated.
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This is brilliant. Like a cross between Bosch and Dali with your own thing thrown into it. Excellent, and worthy of all the faves it's gotten. Add mine to the long list!
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WOW !!! Great style, amazing art work! I love it!!!

Keep on creating such wonderful stuff!!!

Peace! ;-) (Wink)
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