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For several years now I have spent most of my free time playing video games. One such game was the Forza Motorsport series. Fell in love with the game, the cars, the speed, and everything in between. One particular part that fascinated me was painting the cars any way that I pleased. So, starting with Forza 2 I started to paint cars for fun. Honestly.. they were not the best, they were not bad, but wouldn't get the in the top 10000 either. I kept going at it though and became better and better with each design that I did. Let's skip to Forza 4. I only spent a little time painting here and there until I decided to do a MLP design. I like my cartoons to be honest. Anyways, I did one (Fluttershy on a Neon) and it grabbed a lot of attention. Seeing as I did enjoy the show I focused on it for some time (as you may notice by the multitude of mlp designs on this particular profile) and gained some significant skills in creating my designs. I continue to do designs, albeit mostly cartoon designs, to this day. Furthering my knowledge of design, gaining skills, finding new creative ways to express myself in designs, and pushing myself just that little bit further to achieve goals.

My goal is to expand my skills and be able to create designs of any nature. Be it a simple racing design for a company ( realistic or not), a cartoon design, Anime, photographic, whatever design may appear within my ever running mind. I aim to be able to picture any of those designs and be able to use my knowledge and skills to create the design in the way that I originally pictured without having to hold back.

I am a graduate of graphic design now. However I tend to use my skills for fun, and personally... I'm fine with that. I'd much rather do designs that I want to do. I find myself more motivated, and putting more effort into designs that I am willing and wanting to do. Almost any artist will tell you that. Yeah, I have a degree. Yeah, I could get a job in my field. But honestly? I feel as though doing designs constantly for others, and purely for others and not my own creativity would quite literally drain the life out of me. So, yeah... Going to do designs for fun. I am open to suggestions, HOWEVER, I will not guarantee that I will do them. Should I actually use one of the suggestions I will give the person[s] who suggested the design credit. So do not be afraid to give suggestions, but please be open minded with your suggestions.

If you don't know how painting in forza works, You can check out my Youtube (link below!). There are a couple of videos that are speedpaints within Forza so that should give you a basic idea as to how the game works when it comes to the designs that you will find here.

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Top Gear UK, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Transformers Prime
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like just about any music
Favourite Games
Forza Motorsports, Bits of CoD, Halo, Minecraft, Forza oh wait.. i said that already.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox, with some PC here and ther.

Granny Smith

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For those who have been following me for some time may recall a certain granny smith design. Well, she is being remade at the moment, and I have a new video for you! Aren't you excited? Yeah? Well here you go!
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OH BOY OH BOY! New video guys! right? Yay?  Anyways, have a link and enjoy! 
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ROFL Report!

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Well.. quick update. Classes are back in session.. But will attempt to make at least 1 design per week.. no guarantees though. I'll just have to see how the classes are going to work out with my work schedule. (classes 3 days per week by day.. and work 5 days a week by night. doesn't sound too bad but I'll see..) Next... I decided to join a new club in Forza Horizon called DrawinGrounds. It's an Art club on horizon with myself and Cteno Phorae. We are looking for original artist (do not need to be MLP related) our tag is DRWN. -We are looking for skilled artists with original ideas and their own style of art (meaning no purposely ripping o
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Your a good artist but... No mean to hate... My little ponys... Check out my thing for some decent cars also
hey RpflOps I have read your message your right I'll get on it right now and I'm sorry bro
no big, just wanted to be sure the right guys were getting the credit that they earned you know?
love the pics though!
Happy Birthday~!^^
I have featured you here:

Are there any artists on your watchlist who have their birthday in the next two or three days?

Have a wonderfull day :hug:
Just Wondering, Have you got Season Pass On Horizon?

(Yes i am Forza Horizon Player :))