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Now Available on Ko-Fi!
Patreon is kinda buggin' out lately and my page is still under review, so now we got another way to keep some of the requests going on for just a small donation :D 

I'll figure out what kinda requests I'll be doing on this page, but its good to get the word out now :) 

support me =

I do not own Steven Universe, it belongs to Cartoon Network. Apatite and the Pebble Rebels belong to me
Aquamarine [COMMISSION]
commission for :iconking-of-beasts: who asked for a piece of his Gem character, Aquamarine, in a battle stance with his weapon out.

NOTE: this is clearly not the canon type of Aquamarine, for more information on this gem creature and his design/origins, ask the creator c: 

I do not own Steven Universe, it belongs to Cartoon Network. Aquamarine (this version) belongs to King-of-Beasts
Godzilla - Rampage [COMMISSION]
Can I set this as the official monthly comic for Patreon? I mean it IS a crossover after all, and someone's already paid for it, so why not? lmao

Commission for :iconbigjohnnycool: who asked for Godzilla holding the monsters from Rampage, separating Ralph from George as he flips off the other 2 monsters, while Lizzie rests around Godzilla's neck.

Support these comics on the official Godzilla Saves the Day! Patreon page! 
Pledge a dollar a month and expect to see a new comic each month, or pledge a higher amount for one of the 3 tiers for special bonuses!…


When I first heard the news through a link on facebook I thought "oh no what's this?" and I read through, and saw the trailer, and I remembered playing Rampage as a kid. I also saw San Andreas, and although it's in no way a great film, I kinda enjoy watching big budget end-of-the-world movies where cities are crumbled and the destruction looks real as fuck (2012 is a film I'll sit through a couple times too) so upon watching the trailer, I figured it was just gonna be San Andreas with giant monsters .. and you bet your ass I was gonna pay the full price of admission to see that shit on the big screen.

Time went on and I wasn't sure if this was gonna be a good movie or a bad movie. They made it look like a rather serious film with a fairly realistic plot, but then you also remember that its a dumb ol' monster movie starring the Rock, based on a cartoony monster destruction game from the 90s. Around the time of the film's premiere, I saw a lot of people were saying good things about it, which I liked. I also saw that they were promoting it with rap in the TV spots and a Dave and Busters ad, so I had a feeling it might be less serious than it claimed to be. At this point I was still gonna go see it.. but I was ready for anything.

Someone told me that George also uses the middle finger a couple of times . . and I thought "oh shit it's gonna be like Transformers isn't it? it's gonna be expensive and action packed but its also gonna be stupid.." but then as I watched the film, I realized that they put a decent amount of work into making certain situations feel real, sprinkled with a bit of cheese, kinda went over the line a few times, but in the end it was still a really enjoyable monster movie that is CLEARLY aware of what its supposed to be, but made the whole concept a lot more fun than you'd expect it to be. For what it's worth, as a big dumb monster movie based on a cartoony video game, I would say this was an adaptation that was better than anyone expected it to be.

also why the fuck does the wolf have spines and wings, and why does the crocodile look like it became a Dilophosaurus/Ankylosaurus hybrid??

I do not own Godzilla, it belongs to Toho/Legendary. Rampage and its creatures belong to Warner Bros. 
Bloodstone - Fusion
(gonna try a new format for fusions, maybe I'll just keep this to same gem fusions to differentiate with the hybrid fusions)

Hunter is a calm, passive aggressive, sarcastic, sadistic soldier. Seeker is wild, antsy, unpredictable, and very easy to pick a fight with. They both share the trait of enjoying others suffer and wanting to prove their strengths at all costs, so their fusion is nothing but a mix of all those traits put together. They rarely ever disagree on anything, other than how long they should wait to pound the shit out of their enemies. Both Bloodstones agree on just about everything and manage to stay fused just about as long as they want, being a great example of the kind of fusion Homeworld agrees on. The only downside is that the fusion herself tends to have a mind of her own, and occasionally she'll question her morality when she's in a state that makes her the bigger person. It's not a guaranteed thing, but she'll sometimes wonder if she's been making some bad decisions, and try to change the outcome of battle in order to subtly aid whoever needs help. Once they unfuse they go back to their typical behavior and try to keep in whatever thoughts of morality they previously had.  One would think that maybe they should spend more time fused in order to make themselves question their actions for the sake of everyone around them .. but one can only hope :/

PS I had the idea for this fusion for a long time, but up until now she's only been an enemy that pursues Charoite here and there. After I designed this gem I sorta fell in love with her and decided she should return to the story, gomen lmao

I do now own Steven Universe, it belongs to Cartoon Network. Bloodstone (Hunter, Seeker, and the fusion) belong to me
Bloodstones - Seeker and Hunter
(not to be confused with the former member of the Pebble Rebels, these are entirely different gems with a different backstory. PS I made them about a week before the old Bloodstone broke off from the team, so I never got to debut these two. After some decisions have been made I thought maybe now would be a good time to show them off and inform y'all about their relevance to the story and its future. Best part is that they're totally mine and I can do as I please with them . w . ) 

        Charoite once worked for a proud owner of a Kindergarten named Alabaster. She oversaw all productivity of gems being made on a colony used exclusively for production of Quartz soldiers. By her side was Charoite who led orientation classes for every fresh batch of soldiers; showing them what their duties were and what planet to work on for the rest of their lives. Aside from her, Alabaster hand selected two gems of her favorite variety, and kept them as her personal bodyguards, and given their qualities and behavior she nicknamed them Seeker and Hunter.
        They spent most of their time walking on both sides of Alabaster whenever she entered a room or stepped outside. During their downtime they would be seen bumping each other and telling jokes about other gems they've encountered. Every now and then they could also be seen giving Charoite a hard time for being a measly little scrub standing amongst the tall beefy bara gems in the area. The most action they would get would come from a report of a soldier standing out of line and going against authority, in which they would come in to set them straight, or bring them back to the factory for questioning. Charoite never had an interest in the Crystal Gem rebellion until the day Seeker and Hunter returned with a rare Onyx soldier in their captivity. Onyx had valuable information on the whereabouts of Rose Quartz, but she chose to work nonstop and face torture than give up said information. During that time, Charoite gained curiosity about going to Earth and joining the war, which she got fueled by from being close to Onyx. Sometime after her escape, Seeker and Hunter were directed to locate Onyx and bring her back, but never succeeded. Their mission had changed after their kindergarten was attacked by rebels in the middle of battle with an Epidote Ship sent by Yellow Diamond. Alabaster learned that Charoite had fled the planet, and the Bloodstones were sent to bring her back.
        Hundreds of years passed and they heard rumors of a Galactic Division of Crystal Gems being led by an Onyx, joined by a much larger and stronger looking Charoite, so they turned their attention to that for a while. It wasn't until the Galactic Division was wiped out that they gave up completely. Thousands of years pass by before they hear Green Apatite responding to a warrant for Charoite's arrest in the factory where she was awaiting a large hybrid fusion. They get outsmarted by her and Apatite running around the factory for a bit before Axinite arrives on the scene. Believing that they could defeat the new fusion, they fuse .. and lose. Hunter and Seeker were last seen being bubbled by Axinite, having their gems sent off to an unknown location before Apatite and Charoite fused to take her down.

That was all the story elements I had for them up until this point. I wasn't sure if I was gonna have them be dead or just stay MIA, but after some recent decisions I think it's safe to say that we'll be seeing these two again some day :) 

I do not own Steven Universe, it belongs to Cartoon Network. These Bloodstones (Hunter and Seeker) belong to me


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I'm just a regular guy, aiming to make it big in the animation industry, but also dabbling in digital art every chance I get. Here you will find a bunch of fanart, kaiju stuff, Steven Universe gemsonas, and lots of OC's that I'm aiming to use in future projects.

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So someone by the name of Tristan. C Productions/Gaming on youtube decided to take my recent Godzilla-Pacific Rim comic and dub it himself in this short little video. 

He would have asked for permission but I wasn't on deviantart at the time .. i guess?

I was ready to be all "take this down, you stole my comic" but I sat through it and it was actually very enjoyable. Now I'm considering doing this regularly with this guy by my side.

Would you guys be up to see more comic dubs by this guy? Let me know below.

That will be all :iconwhatthefuboomplz:


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Soooooooooo... You see the new S.U. stuff?
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oh I am all caught up, I always try to watch them as they air on tv and sometimes I watch them as SOON as they leak online, so i'm always caught up 
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And you gonna make art relating to said episodes? Not demanding! Juuuuuust asking.
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idk I tend to just make art based on my own gems and their lives but ... idk i kinda think about it sometimes 
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These Kaijus are cool, simple yet brilliant.
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How much would it be for a paper color drawing of Godzilla vs the Kraken of Fury of Tinanes with an earth-destroyed background?
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