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Andromeda K:DA Cosplay - [COMM]
Commission for Lucina[remember to insert her real name here when she responds on Discord] who asked for her OC Andromeda, a sexy moth girl with a lot of magical backstory, cosplaying as Ahri from the K:DA music video. Y'all remember the one! 

She loves to support artists and collect more art of her character, so its nice to be one of the artists that she considered good enough to be on the list, and I had to step my game up a bit to match with the others that drew this lovely.

PNG version means it comes with cool transparent tricks! Enjoy! :D 

I do not own Andromeda, she belongs to her owner.
Sky Bane - [COMM]
Commission for :iconskybane99: who asked for an updated design of his OC, SkyBane with a forest background. Was able to squeeze this one in between other commissions and Patreon requests I still gotta finish this month D: 

but luckily I managed to make this one look legit too! 

Pleasure doing business with you! :D 

Sky Bane belongs to his owner
Thrasher T-Rex SOLD!!
Adoptable Rexy purchased by Jurassic-Quartz on Tumblr, who asked for the Chaos Effect design of the Thrasher T Rex. Pleasure doing business with you! :D (Big Grin) 

More Jurassic Prints are on the way, but if you'd like to purchase a JP dino of custom coloration, click here and adopt your very own dino today!…

I do not own Jurassic Park or the Chaos Effect. They belong to Universal and Hasbro (i think, i dont fuckin know)
Where to Find Apatite and the Pebble Rebels
They say December 17th will be the day when all NSFW Blogs on Tumblr will be wiped out. They also said the vote on Net Neutrality this time last year would spell the end of memes and internet culture and everything we know and love about being online. 

Honestly idk what's gonna happen next week or in the foreseeable future ... but I guess it doesn't hurt to start planning and taking some precautions.

So tumblr also mentioned that they were gonna remove the ability to put links in your posts, and idk what exactly they're gonna do about that, like if they're gonna delete your post or take away the option to do that, so I went ahead and put the links in this little "promo" so y'all are gonna have to take em and look it up yourselves (sorry)

As for the existence of the blog itself; the story will resume one way or another, just without nsfw content included. Tumblr seems to be removing NSFW blogs but idk how far they're going with it. I'm sure some of my posts might be made invisible (if not completely deleted) but if the day comes and my blog is still there, then I'll just have to obey the rules and keep all the NSFW content off of Tumblr from now on. Meaning that I'll have to post more naughty stuff to Twitter, Instagram, Patreon requests, and for those who wanna buy a Ko-Fi to support me. Naughty stuff will be kept there, and maybe a few SFW requests might get posted here too if I feel like it. 

The story of the Pebble Rebels is in a place where we can't really stop otherwise it would be a huge loss and a big disappointment for us and the fans. It took us SO LONG to finally get to this point, with lots of delays and behind-the-scenes stuff that kept us from reaching this point that if we stopped now, then we might as well not have even gotten into it in the first place. We still have more story to tell, and lots of things to share with you all, and every little bit of support and encouragement helps. We're just a group of artists doing what we love and engaging with the fans when we can, and we really care about what we do. It's actually been a lot more refreshing for us to proceed this way and we're really happy about how things are going, so we're gonna do what we can to keep going until we finish the story! 

IN RELATED NEWS: Many people have decided to move to Newgrounds since the start of the big Tumblr Apocalypse, now idk what that place is like, all I know is that they allow NSFW and most artists got their big break back in the mid 2000s, so I'll check it out and if things seem fine then I'll set up camp there too.

We've ALSO learned that PORNHUB is offering a safe haven for NSFW Tumblrs who wanna share their content, post freely AND maybe even earn some type of income for the work they do! We don't know yet how true that is or how much people can benefit from this, but its nice to know that there's no worry of that place ever getting shut down because ITS FUCKING PORNHUB, DUDE! 

(also I find it hilarious that a fuckin Pornhub is the nicest/weirdest pornsite in the world, being the only one to donate a dollar for cancer research at one point, then another year they purchased snow-tractors to shovel snow out of people's homes after a big hurricane or something, and NOW they're offering a place for artists and content creators to put all their stuff in a time like this when Tumblr is having its Mass Exodus event going on. I mean who WOULD HAVE SUSPECTED THIS, ITS HILARIOUS AND AWESOME AT THE SAME TIME)

..anyway long story short, we're gonna take a look at Newgrounds and Pornhub, and maybe set up shop on Etsy or some shit, and if they seem like good places to keep producing our content, then we'll add those to the list too c: 

For those of you already following the listed social media sites, thank you for your support! Spread the word so we can keep this going for everyone! 



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My Portfolio Website ==>…

Tumblr ==>

Godzilla Saves the Day! (aka Kaiju Ask Blog) ==> godzilla-saves-the-day.tumblr.…

Apatite's Tumblr ==> send-apatite-your-nudes.tumblr…

Apatite's Twitter ==>

I'm just a regular guy, aiming to make it big in the animation industry, but also dabbling in digital art every chance I get. Here you will find a bunch of fanart, kaiju stuff, Steven Universe gemsonas, and lots of OC's that I'm aiming to use in future projects.

Commission Prices ==>…
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.02.48 AM by RoFlo-Felorez
Godzilla - The Room A by RoFlo-Felorez
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.04.10 AM by RoFlo-Felorez
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.06.02 AM by RoFlo-Felorez
Godzilla - The Room B by RoFlo-Felorez
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.06.58 AM by RoFlo-Felorez
Godzilla - The Room C by RoFlo-Felorez
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.08.01 AM by RoFlo-Felorez
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.09.47 AM by RoFlo-Felorez

Godzilla---I-did-not-hit-her by RoFlo-Felorez
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.04.10 AM by RoFlo-Felorez
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.12.06 AM by RoFlo-Felorez

Y'all voted for it, and here it is. As an added bonus, rather than just having Godzilla play Tommy Wiseau, I also went and turned the characters into other selected kaiju for your viewing pleasure.

Now y'all got these official images of Godzilla dressed up as an insane homeless vampire man from Hollywood lmao



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