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Twilight Sparkle: Avatar State!

Twilight/Avatar: the Last Airbender crossover print for Bronycon!!
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the power of twilight is not limite to the 4 element. she do all magic but she learn or to see one and she do it
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I love this work oriented.
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Why does this make sense
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Twilight is best Avatar
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Because Korra was disconnected with her past lives, a cosmic goof up will cause her to accidentally be reincarnated into a pony. LOL! Also, I like how the streak along Twilight's mane glows like Aang's tattoos.
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Haha yeah!

Also thank you :) I wasn't sure if I was gonna make the highlights glow or not at first, but I tried it and it looked super cool and I knew I had to keep it.
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This made me soooooo happy when I saw it on EQD.
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WhaaAAaaaaa THIS GOT ON EQUESTRIA DAILY!!!?!? I didn't even know! that's awesome!
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Alicorn state! Yip yip!
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This is awesome! I love how the stripes on her mane are lighting up. Great crossover art
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soooo awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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