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Space ship

new concept ~1,5 hours
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it's like a HomeWorld 2 sytle.
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Cool spaceships!!  I like the landscape that they are flying past- and the fact they are painted dark green.  Dark green isn't that common a color, most spaceships seem to be light colors like white or silver or else dark grey. XD The glowing orange bits go with dark green well, too.  Great concept, thanks for sharing!
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this is escort one reporting we will guide you captain
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"This is UES Barbados, departing atmosphere and entering orbit with escort ships. Wish us luck, Command."
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Wish DA had a favorite comment button XD
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I like the simplicity of the design. Although simple and not overly detailed it still has a believable coherent form. The small ships underneath it also add a nice feeling of space and depth. Although maybe you could have added 1-3 small escorting fighter craft or probes to indicate the scale of the ship better, since as it is i am not sure how big it really is.

Either way, very nice design, and don't listen to my ramblings too much. Nice job :thumbsup:
Very nice, however I feel like there is something off about the perspective with the bow of the ship. Almost looks like It's bending a bit, I felt I should say something. The pic on a whole is very ingauging pulls me into this universe rather well, I wanna know more about this ship, it's crew, it's mission, AND it's compainion vessels! Some very nice atmosphere as well. Fav!
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I am Commander Shira and the Seeker 10 is my first command. Built to carry our people to a new planet where we hope to establish a colony, Seeker is more Lifeboat than fighting ship despite the heavy cannons mounted inside her hull.Today, the Seeker and her two sister ships, the Searcher 8, and the Hunter 9, are leaving our home world far behind.

Our world is no longer able to sustain our race after the centuries of war and pollution. If we three ships fail in our mission, our race dies with our ships. Pray for us all. Pray for the souls we left behind. But most importantly, pray for me as I lead this convoy out to the farthest reaches of outer space.

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Looks like something out of homeworld 2; a progenitor ship, nice work man, great concept :)
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Very cool, bad-ass warship. :-)

SolarEmpire01 out. :sun: :earth:
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damn i really like that design... is this original?
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