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Mech Turtle

my giant mech turtle for my robot animal series
inspired by Robert Cew

edit: over-worked of ther infantery mech at the front ( [link] )
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They can not be stopped.:D

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This is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen
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Maybe a bit slow but I guess they get old enough to survive a lot of future world wars ;)

If no one else will say it, technically those are tortoises. Awesome all the same.
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Those are AWESOME. I have a collection of at least 50 turtles from my grandfather, and these would certainly add to their ranks.
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They are a part of my turtle army now o.o
default-cube's avatar
To make things look large, you need more depth of field, not less.
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Thank you Rofelrof, very cool.
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Very impressive!! Best art I seen on here
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Pretty awesome. Despite being mechanized and "militaristic", they have an interesting kind of demeanor to them. I think its the size!

I'm curious as to what their capability/purpose is. Missiles in the back? >:D
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Mech Turtle. That is actually really cool!
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Wow! That's the best turtle use! Nobody before did! Cool, man!
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It's a tortoise. Tortoises are land creatures, while turtles are water animals. 
Still a cool picture. Thumbs Up 
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I think the Ninja Turtles just laid down the Teenage Mutants gauntlet to Shredder's TechnoDrome...  
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