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Hover Car

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Published: May 23, 2013
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plus self portrait ;)
drawn on Samsung 7 Slate wit photoshop cs6
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MikanojoHobbyist General Artist
This is really kewl.. but... the physics are upsetting.  It looks like the car has vectored thrust.. big intakes on the front, big vectored thrust venturi on the sides.. so oki that is lovely, and it is currently hovering.. so it is running.. but the man leaning against the vehicle does not seem to be affecting it???  It should either be tilted slightly down from his weight, and using its internal gyroscope and thrusters to compensate for that extra weight on its left side, or.. it could just as easily be pushed away from the man by his weight interacting at that angle.. until he suddenly falls on his butt. 
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Alex9994Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I guess that the vectored thrust would compensate the weight of the man. Easy to engineer I think.
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MikanojoHobbyist General Artist
That is the part we are not seeing - the car probably could compensate easily by tilting ever so slightly, leaning into the man, to compensate for his mass on the port-side.  the car should be affected and counter-balancing for the extra mass but we do not see that - we see the car appearing completely level.  Have you ever witnessed some one getting into or sitting on a car on one side?  The shock absorbers compensate for the added mass and we see the car dip slightly down on that side, or on that edge if some one sits on the hood over a headlight.  The car becomes offset, and does not actually return to fully level unless the person gets out/off or some one else of comparable mass gets in on the opposite side.  With air the effect of unbalanced mass is even more pronounced - watch a helicopter for example. 
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CaptainRenderHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice car!
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purely awesome!!
a lambo-hover!
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nichodoHobbyist Artist
Doc (Back to the Future 2): Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.
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acebird1234Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now this says welcome to the future 
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Jax1776Hobbyist Artist
Awesome car. :D
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philorion7Student General Artist
looks like a Lamborghini gallardo modified for flight
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RofelrolfProfessional Digital Artist
yap, that wasn´t planned but that came out^^
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