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I'm no longer accepting to draw characters from FF or any 3D generated character with full of details.
Sorry, but they are too difficult for me to handle. OTL

PRICE: $15 or 1500Points
*Paypal payment is through invoice. Points payment is through commission widget.
**You can order more than one. No couple headshot or expressions chart.
***Mixed payments of paypal and points are acceptable.

What I can do:
Bullet; Pink Male and female character. (Human, kemonomimi, angel, demon, elf)

What I can't do:
Bullet; Black Very old character.
Bullet; Black Mecha, animal, anthro.
Bullet; Black Religious symbols.
Bullet; Black Couple headshots.


Commmission Form
Amount of commission piece:
Payment: (Paypal/Points)
Paypal email: *Not needed if pay via points
Reference: Links or thumbs
Expression: (Smile, smirk, smug, or etc..)

*If you don't want me to upload the
commissioned work into the gallery,
please let me know.


Target I have the right to decline the commission if I can't or not be able to do it.
damphyr W.i.p will be updated from time to time.

You can comment below or note if interested.
Thank you~


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Hi there. Do you take requests that only have written references or do you require them to be fully visual? Thank you!

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Hi, are you still interested with the commission?

* 3 * I hope I didn't make you confuse when I mention about the image examples~

The image examples I meant doesn't have to be the exact reference of the character, but just something might be similarly look like the character or the details on them.

let me know what you think~ c:

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Hi! I am still interested! I apologize for the disappearance! Work is short staffed going into Holidays so I just haven't had time to sit down and put it together to send! How many are you still taking or are you? I don't want to cause you any problems while I make time! >.<

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That's ok~ c:

I've set no limit on how much headshots I can take. I'll work on them within this and next week.

o v o

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Hi~ I accept written references, as long as you can give me few image examples~

o v o

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Leave a reply under this comment if you want me to notify you when I'm open for this commission again~ thank you~ c:

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Can I be notified?

I was actually wondering if you offer character design?

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Hi, I'm not open for custom adopt for now~ ; v ;

but I'm open for the headshot commission~

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Okay! Are you able to notify when you do open for custom adopt designs?
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Could I possibly be informed when this opens again? ~

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Hi, I'm open for commission~ c:

let me know if you are interested. you can note the details~

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Sure, I'll let you know once I'm ready to open it again~ c:

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Of course~ you can note me the details~ c:

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Can you let me know if you open these again? ;A; these headshots are beautiful!

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Hi dear~ I'm opening the commission for slot 25 Oct, I'll work on the commission within that week~ If you're interested, you can note me~ o v o/

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I might open again around next month~ Sure, I'll note you once I'm ready to open for commission~ c:

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Do you have a ping list!! I'd love one when this opens next!!

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I decided to open for commission~ Send me a note if you are interested~ c:

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If you don't mind, I can note you once I'm ready to open the commission again~ c:

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If you have space, I'd love to grab a slot!

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I'd I've to grab a slot if they're still available! But not sure if my character would be too complex ._.

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You can note me the details~ I'll let you know whether I can do the character or not~ o 3

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If still open i'd love to claim a slot! if available I can note you the info qvq/

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