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.:: | HumanKemonoAdopts | Variety F2U Humanoid Bases | Resources for Use ::.

Open source allows you to customize the content for your personal use.
You can own and use this content like adoptables, but you can't redistribute for profit and
asking for commercial right.

Price: FREE
Download link: :heart:

What you will get from this content?
Raw files in Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop format. Also available PNG files for finished piece and base colors only.

Content are made SPECIFICALLY to be use in Paint Tool SAI.
But I also provided the PSD file. Please take note that there are differences
of layers effects in Sai and PSD:
SAI PSD differences by Rofeal

But the layers are editable, which means you can do any kind of adjustments
until you get the looks that you want.


Support me in:-

If there's problem with the file, please let me know.


A free content for you guys. I hope you like it.<3

I realize I've been selfish all these time. Everything here is for sale and rarely do
free things now. I'm sorry. Financial problem got me tight, making me lose my mind,
and lost sight on little things like appreciating people. OTL

It's a free outfit. It's my first try, so hopefully I can do better for later free content.
Thank you for all who support me. I'll try my best to do free content every month.

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May i use this outfit for one of my characters? Please?

SynchronicityRose's avatar

There's no need to be sorry wanting to make a profit, it's hard times for many of us now. But...I do like free resources a lot heh. This'll be perfect on my OC.

kirithedutchie1's avatar

Can I use this for a cosplay idea for my demon girl raven daughter of Lucifer?

Rofeal's avatar

can you use these in Krita?? i have the free krita photoshop on my computer and this is a fantastic first step in learning how to create art like yours

Rofeal's avatar

I'm not sure about Krita~ I never used it before~ OTL

Rofeal's avatar
looks awesome~ ; 3 ;
YokaMycelium's avatar
Agh thank you ;u;
ArtMeHeart's avatar
is open source a program
TheMagicOfAlex's avatar
This is gorgeous, and thank you for doing things like this, and for making this for free use :3
Quanah-Toki's avatar
This is ridiculously beautiful. <3
Voxaxe's avatar
oh wow this is gorgeous - perfect for one of my Oc's OWO cant wait to tinker with such beautiful work !!
DieKleineLey's avatar
damn that's really beAUtifull!... well I wish I can take it for my character in my story but... that would go in commercial right QwQ....
MissyMona's avatar
Thank you so very much for this extremely kind act of letting us have this beautiful outfit for free.
SDALTON2011's avatar
LOVE IT!!!!! Make more free stuff, please!!
Rofeal's avatar
thank you~ ;v;
Lavadrake2's avatar
Absolutely lovely, I love the purple and the sparkle! Thank you for making it free as well Rof! (can i call you that?) <3
Rofeal's avatar
thank you~ and sure you can call me that~ ;v;/ <3
trick109's avatar
Aw thank you for making it free, its beautiful
Rofeal's avatar
you're welcome~ ;7; and thank you~
RoseDragonfire's avatar
Absolutely stunning. <3
Rofeal's avatar
thank you~ ;v;
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