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Please DO NOT use, edit, share or upload the image of the adoptables for your own use,
if you are NOT the OWNER of the character (unless if you got the permission from the owner).


:iconhumankemonoadopts: group is alive again with lesser restrictions~
Feel free to join as member or watch if you like human/kemonomimi adopts~ c:

MysteryTiamat's Art Sale 2021-01-17Please retweet this Twitter tweet to do a simple signal boost: is my FurAffinity journal about this: you signal boost for me by making a Journal AND a status update, I will note you a link for these promotion adopts. (These are not for resale).,,,MYSTERYTIAMAT'S ADOPT SALE RULES!1.) Comment with a screenshot or url of what you want. If you specify the location (like folder name) as well as a screenshot or just the stash url that would be most helpful. 2.) i will reserve them into a folder just for you so while you are interested in this adopt, no one can claim it.3.) you have 24 hours to decide whether you want them or not.4.) once you say you will pay, i will take that as a promise. you will need to send me your PayPal address so i can send you an invoice with the files you want attached to it. once you pay the invoice i delete every file i have that you purchased and if i need to recover the files for you because something happens either of us can check paypal to get them.5.) if you decide that you don't want this, please do that in the first 24 hours period. if you promise to pay me then i expect payment in 24 hours. i have had people lately not have money in their bank account when paying and other people promise to pay then drop off the face of the planet. I came up with this system to avoid that.6.) if you think the art might have been purchased already, please use the 24 hour wait period to see if someone speaks up about this. if someone says they already bought the art and the file has been duplicated, i will accept responsibility and immediately delete the file. i have had some file system issues lately so i have had problems verifying some stuff so i am grateful if anyone can let me know kindly what i can do to resolve it.7.) If you lose the files in any way i have two ways of recovering them:a.) Some files are on Paypal if the total file size limit is under 10MB per invoice then i can send them that way and we can just check the invoice for the file.b.) if this was before End of 10-2020 early 11-2020 then you may not have an invoice and the files are deleted. Please tell me exactly what you bought and I will recover te files from the artists who i bought them from.c.) If you can't tell me what you bought, then i can't look it up for you and recover the files.8.) Please be kind to me as i am inexperienced in this and i appreciate any advice or criticism that you can give me.The whole art sale folder: the $2.00 folder: the $5.00 folder: the $7.00 folder: the $10.00 folder: the $12.00 folder: the $15.00 folder: the $17.00 folder: the $22.00 folder: the $27.00 folder: the $30.00 folder: the $40.00 folder: The $40.00 are for if you buy a complete adventurer set.Please let me know if I am missing anything!


These are the unsold sketch weapons before,
I decided to finish em up~ I thought I want to
make humanoid adopt after this but I think
I'll start to finish up the sold sketch weapons

SB: $10 or 1000 points
MI: $2 or 200 points
AB for #1, #2 or #3: $33 or 3300 points
AB for the rest: $30 or 3000 points
You can request color changes if bid $22 and above. (Minor or major changes acceptable)
*mixed payment points + paypal are acceptable.

*If you're paying with paypal, please note me you paypal email within 24 hours. I'll send invoice to you~
**Kindly do not drop out from your bid~ Please think many times before you place your bid~

Owner 1: Cattibrieanne
Owner 2: TrinityTrickz
Owner 3: Ziegthefox2223
Owner 4: @jaimep
Owner 5: EtrianDinoval
Owner 6: CleverFoxStudios
Owner 7: SullivanVoid
Owner 8: RuzaKali
Owner 9: madame
Owner 10: madame
Owner 11: SullivanVoid

*Snipe guard (1 hour before auction ends) - additional 1 hour for every new bid at last hour.

=Read the Adoptables Rules and Terms of Use and Commercial Right

Accepting hold if AB. (Must pay deposit of $15 | 1 week)
=No refund.
=Yes, you can resell.



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Thank you~ c:

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What are the ‘points’ to pay with?
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It's dA points~ o 3 o

You can obtain points by purchase them or somebody donate them to you~ c:

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Where can I get them? > 3 <
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You can click on your icon on the upper right tab, and then click the "points"~

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Tank you!!! • 3 •

thank you so much for the signal boost!

i will signal boost your adopts as well :3

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* 3 * thank you so much~

You can note me your paypal email, and let me know if you want to do color changes~ c:

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AB! And I would like color changes c:

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sure, thank you so much~ * 3 *

Can you note me your paypal email? c:

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