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沙羅 (sara), Chinese living in Toronto, born on 12th April 1989
you can talk to me in English, 中文 and 日本語

♥ Durarara!!/ POT / Kamen Raider OOO / Ao no Exorcist

♥Juuzou x Kinzou (Ao no Ex)
Heiwajima brothers / Tom x Shizuo / Shizuo x Valrhona (DRRR)
Otonashi x Hinata (angel beats)
Kenya x Shiraishi x Kenya / Zaizen x Kenya (POT)

♥ L'Arc~en~Ciel / RADWIMPS / flumpool
Tetsuya / Hirai Ken / Shiina Ringo
Sato Takeru / Uehara Takuya / Mizuta Koki

contact me:
Tumblr: sara666
Pixiv: 1287477

Please do NOT post my works onto other sources without my permission.
Re-production of my works are forbidden. Please take them off if I ask you to.

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new account

new account

so I've decided to come back with a new account because I experienced one of my loved artist clearing her works on pixiv and I finally know how it feels =x but since I dun quite like my old account name so I've decided to start a new one, and fully concentrating on AoEx fanworks ~tsubakiya ( the name is written as 椿夜, and is the circle name I formed with a friend of mine in Japan, which we will release AoEx fanbooks together. sorry for the trouble caused! >< and I miss u guys <3

prints for sale

prints for sale

AX is over! thanks to those who bought my aoeku and pot prints <3 I still have left overs with my darling ~nisotatsu (, so we decided to sell them via da. poster #1 and #2 comes in 8X11, #3 is 17x11 originally but resized abit (the length is still 17 tho) here's the sample #1 Okumura brothers from Ao no Exorcist $5USD+shipping #2 Shiraishi+Kenya from Prince of Tennis $5USD+shipping #3 Shima brothers from Ao no Exorcist $10+shipping to order please send me a note with title prints order and fill out the short form below: Your DA username: Your country/province: (to check shipping fee, should be around $3-5USD) Email: Note: which



Sorry for being sensitive but I really dun like how the fan circle developed here. I’m always off the mainstream pairing and it felt stupid for me to upload works that ppl mistook them as others, and no one or so few that I can share ideas or thoughts with for the chara I like. I’ll still be updating tumblr with doodles and wips, if u wanna see my finished works u can go on to my pixiv.

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I hope you have a great birthday! ^_^
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