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-mean while in soviet Russia-

By rOEN911
Hope you like it !

i followed the Tutorial of Von Uli Staiger and here is his picture :…
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SUPER ! Those of us who served in during the Cold War never thought we would see this ! I have a nice collection of pics of Soviet tanks lined up in fields , rusting away waiting to be scrapped ! Who'd of thought! 
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hold my vodka. That pretty much sums up this picture.
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You sir deserve several million dollars for this.
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Где купить эту штуку?
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Yuo see, Vadim, when use Hind for harvest, you use more fuel. But yuo of get grain and blow strays away with of rotor, so yuo have time for mother Russia.
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Brilliant. All your works are breathtaking but I'm absolutely in love with this one. One day I'm gonna have it on my living room wall. 
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hey thank you
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And thats how they teach in Russia new Pilots how to master flight below Tree top level!^^
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You have done well
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Oh shit :D You win everything!
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Best example for the Theme swords to plough I've ever seen ;-)
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Why would they carry rocket pods for this though?
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Just in case if they find a gay guy around the farm Putin can blast then off.
Перековали мечи на орала , или ещё куём :)
Wonderful idea! I've heard the Hind described as a T80 with a rotor before, but this one is new.
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I hope you haven't seen the actual one that uses claws. For Radioactive Sampling...although the one I have seen could theorectically grab a car. 
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LOL! besides that its friggin hilarious, its also very well made!!!
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Surprised it isn't using it's main rotor for this :meow:
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So peaceful Soviet tractor, lol.
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In the USSR and modern Russia we it call "a peace Soviet tractor"

reminds me of the joke about a certain Soviet tractor… :D

“On USSR-China border, five chinese tanks attacked a soviet tractor. The tractor returned fire, and after it destroyed all attackers, it flew back to the USSR.” :D

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