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The hunting panther

By rOEN911
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The Jagdpanther (German: "hunting panther") was a tank destroyer built by Nazi Germany during World War II based on the chassis of the Panther tank. It entered service late in the war (1944) and saw service on the Eastern and Western fronts. The Jagdpanther combined the very powerful 8.8 cm PaK 43 cannon of the Tiger II and the characteristically excellent armor and suspension of the Panther chassis

As usual cinema 4d and photoshop !

Hope you like it :)
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Gustavhistory's avatar
Excellent picture very well done
ZillaFan89's avatar
I just noticed the single crew member leaving the knocked out Sherman. :D
xeon2018's avatar
Gute Arbeit herr!!
nicedino's avatar
I was in London recently.
They had a Jagdpanther there, in the Imperial War Museum.

But now they moved it to their branch in Duxford.
It is part of a big tank collection now, but mostly the museum in Duxford is about airplanes.
coachofmany's avatar
Very very nice! Love the Jagdpanther!
Tank-Dragon's avatar
Yo Sherman! Catch! *fires* : D
MASCH-ART's avatar
super picture, great work:) (Smile)
ZillaFan89's avatar
Beautiful image! :)
nomadgreece's avatar
Are you playing war thunder?
rOEN911's avatar
nop ,i dont like it :P
Ammoracker101's avatar
I agree the game's garbage when it comes to balancing!
gruntmajor's avatar
It's actually in a way not meant to be balanced, because it takes on a more realistic approach to how tanks really are... I guess it's more of a simulator to how easy it is to kill or to be killed.
Schwarzer-Carnifex's avatar
You're not playing the game right
Rebeldude86's avatar
It has its moments but not enough of them.
Johnithan-Walters's avatar
rOEN911's avatar
Jazzglenn421's avatar
god I hate to be facing a faction with a tank like this on Company of Heroes. takes too much tanks to kill!
warrior1944's avatar
Wow amazing deviation there and details and background and everything is stunning! :D
Love you put in a ME 110 in the picture :)
mcdazz's avatar
Wow!! I'm loving all your work.
BattleHamsterReturns's avatar
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