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The Mosquitoes

By rOEN911
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Hope you like it !
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rOEN, you do amazing atmospherics. When you put equipment in place, the place just sings for you. Great work.
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thanks a lot i am glad you like it :)
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I would love to own and fly a Mosquito.
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this is mosquitoes are fastest and wood body in WW2 bomber
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Love your work rOEN - it's difficult to pick a favourite :)

Looking forward to seeing your work in the next TF patch.
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This is a really nice pic! Just one teeny thing looks a bit weird to me (but only up close), the camouflage net on the left has some big gaps in it. Other than that (And I really am just nitpicking) This is a brilliant piece. :)
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thanks,belive me is very hard to make a proper camo net with a 3d program :P 
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Oh, I know dude. Any surface which has to be both transparent and opaque is a real challenge. Modeling the net as a 3D object would also be complicated and take a long time to do.
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Great job, always liked Mosquitoes.
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Ok... this is my favourite, just love the Mossie :D
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cheers thanks for your comments :)
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Awesome scene !!!!!
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awesome as always!
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Wonderful atmosphere.
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I am glad you like it Mark :)
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I love it. Ray
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cheers thanks for you comments :)
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Great at work of a brilliant aircraft. I always loved the fact that Luftwaffe fighter pilots were awarded 2 kills for shooting one down they were so hard to catch!


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