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Commissioned artwork for a collector 

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The Saab-21 has an unobstructed frontal view and all its armaments clustered in the nose, firing straight ahead.

But the cockpit's rear view seems very lacking.

Was this a major issue for Saab-21 pilots in the Swedish Air Force?

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That is one smexy plane!
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Great as always!
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High-way to the, danger zone---love the "outside the box" thinking.
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Awesome aircraft. :boogie:
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One few propeller-driven aircraft that was successfully converted jet power later.
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This plane (and other pusher props) have always fascinated me. And SAAB's reputation of making state-of-the-art fighters has carried to this day.
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always liked a lot this one, even with its overheating troubles!
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An intriguing plane. Then again, Swedes managed to successfully design and build several other examples of aeronautical curiosities. Saab 29, for an example. The Flying Barrel has earned a special place in my heart thanks to it voluptuous form.

Regardless, you have definitely portrayed the SAABs in a skilful manner. It is an excellent piece of art.
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And, of course, the layout was done deliberately to make a (successful) conversion to a jet, the SAAB 21-R, easier.
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Oh, I dO like it!
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