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Red Tails

Personal Artwork of the legendary Red tails ,the black pilots  or Tuskegee Airmen as became later more known from  332d Fighter Group with main goal to protect the  Bombers on the endless morning raids far Deep over Germany  ! Here is in one of the first encounters against the superior  messerschmitt Me-262 the first operational Jet of WW2

Hope you like it !

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Things we lost in the fire

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HELL YEAH, the Red Tails! Fighting 99th! Never lost a bomber to enemy fighters. Quite a feat.

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Damn good detail something like this would be great to see again. I like to do jet fighters like the f-18 hornet or f-16 eagle/falcon. Could you do something like a vtol? An osprey perhaps?

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Truly great warriors as well a fellow humans.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart *removes hat & bows respectfully*
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The Tuskegee Airmen were truly "The Best Of The Best."They went thru alot just to get in the cockpit.And even more just to get into combat.I had the honor of meeting these brave men,not once,but twice in my lifetime.
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beautiful sky and beautiful mustangs
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That's great! I almost missed the bombers at the bottom of the image. ;)
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I love the P51
Outstanding work.
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Oh crap

This is fucking amazing. I love it!!
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Exquisite. The colour, detail, and use of light and shade are excellent.
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hey thank you
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Wonderful work, Tuskegee airmen are not very known in France (sorry if me y english is not very good) but artworks like this celebrates them.
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Not really household word in The States either unless you have an interest in WWII or aviation history.
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Or watched the movie "Red Tails" (2012)
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This one is really one of a gorgeous aviation 3D Masterpiece my friend,Congrats again :-)
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Wow! Incredible!
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"88" - 302nd FS?
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Beautiful as always.  
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The light is just perfect!!
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