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Raging Typhoon

Something new i was working the last couple weeks :)

Hope you like it !

as usual cinema4d and photoshop

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The Typhoon was an amazing beast once the initial faults were ironed out. Love the perspective with this one. Brilliant stuff
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Beautiful render of such an awesome machine. I can't wait for the restoration to be completed.
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A true killer bird! One of my WW2 favourites. Amazing work!
Boogalood's avatar
Dancing batman  Stunning work!
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Not gonna' lie you should be making the box art for the latest Airfix models, some of their newer art is errr...questionable. 
dreamdesigner442's avatar
Breathtakingly Magnificent Fighting scene! POW and effects are  superb :-)
Ceratopsia's avatar
This shows the shear awesomeness of the Typhoon. 
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I love the abrasion on the front edge of the wings (very authentic), and the energy in this scene.  The Hawker Typhoon was always one of my favorite WWII warbirds.
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always thought the intake on the typhoon was kind of interesting
Lovely work! Very popular angle of this aircraft, this is the 3rd piece I have seen of this angle with the explosion in the background... :P
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I consider it a masterpiece.
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Great job. exquisite detail.
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Excellent art, really like what you did to the leading edge, the dirt/wear looks fantastic. Thank-you.
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Fantastic render! I could see this as a wallpaper for my dual monitor setup.
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I already saw this on the dA app this morning. Very, very nice! The dynamic feel of speed is superb for a still!
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245 Squadron RAF, I think?
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Really great, particularly the crop, and how many individual details there are to this airframe that I can verify from other sources.
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That is some seriously cool work
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never underestimate the wrath of the Typhoon. :squee:
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Awesome render! Do you paint scenes yourself, or are they photomanipulations? They always look pretty convincing :)
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Hi there ,glad you like it ,

I used many different technics to make this scene ,for example the background is made using 5-6 different pictures and around 4-5 different explosion pictures ! So the backplate is photomanipulation ,the plane is 3D rendered to cinema4d software then all blended to photoshop
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Thanks - that seems to be a lot of work, but effect is really stunning
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