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Eastern Front : Frozen Hell

By rOEN911
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Hope you like it 

As Usual Cinema4d And Photoshop
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Beautiful work!
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Nice work! It feels like winter.
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reminds me a lot of metal of honor: allied assault's expansion pack, spearhead. the bit where steal supplies from a german supply depot for the 101st airborne is awesome, especially since you defend the truck with this exact variant of halftrack
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The Pz. IV is slightly wrong ;) (the Schmalturm would be extremely hard to fit on it, and the suspension would be stressed too much, and it was never made, only plans were done, and Germans realized that even turret from Panther is too hard to fit on Pz. IV)

but nice picture ;)
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i though something looked off thx for your information
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hey thank you
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It looks like scene from a WW2 movie!!You are just magnificent my friend!! :-)
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This makes me shiver, you can rally feel the cold ! Love it.
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The tank on the back looks like a mix between a jagdtiger and a late-war Panzer IV :D
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I believe it's the Panzer 4 Schmalturm ;)
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Interesting, the turret of a Panther and not a tanks destroyer, thanks for the clarification!

Oh the day I buy a new computer is the day I can finally play WoT...
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Loving the subtle 'Hope you like it'... It's brilliant shut up!!!!!! WE LOVE IT
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nice one love it 
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Damn that 250 is sexy.
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woah E P I C !
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Like it........ I LOVE IT :D
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Excellent : Love the inclusion of the the Panzer IV Schamlturm I'm sure that would have shocked a few people in the Red Army!!
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