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The Spider In The Skull
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Insect contact

Monsters en Kamillethee

Splitter portrait

London - enhanced

A bird




It is invisible to us It exists in solitude It knows it exists, but knows nothing more It pulls things in, pushes things out It grows spikes and builds walls It designs its own vicious weaponry It latches on to things It fights to keep holding on It attacks, it kills It creates things not meant for this world It lies, to you and to all of us It weaves dreams, like a spider It gets tangled up in its own web It gets crowded It gets messy It gets damaged It gets lost It crumbles Such is your mind, beautiful like a thunderstorm.


Ant Warrior - enhanced


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Trijn - enhanced

Spook - enhanced


A friendly extra terrestrial

Dartiga Birth - enhanced

Dartiga's life


Snake doodle


Journey Into Surreality - enhanced


Starred Coffee~

Green Dragon

tropical swallow tail

Where are you going?

All of Time and Space...

Zombie Playground

samurai moth

Cherry dragon

Story time

My Bio
Hey there! I'm Roel and I'm an amateur fantasizer, writer, doodler, webdeveloper and elephant. I conjure stories about spiders, ants, demons, angels, dragons, robots, unreal delusions, spaceships, extra-terrestrials, fish-people, undead skeletons and lots more, and I attempt to illustrate these stories here. I mostly make traditional sketches and doodles to express my ideas but I also know my way around Adobe Illustrator and I occasionally use Photoshop to add colour to my drawings.

When it comes to writing, my language of choice is dutch since that's the mother tongue of my brain. I'll occasionally attempt some english pieces though and I'll even translate dutch texts (all be it poorly). ;)

-I post my art on tumblr ->
-But I'm obsessed with other people's art as well ->
-Finally I have a portfolio site with some more technical school-related stuff on it. ->
I keep updating it as I keep learning more about webdevelopment

Favourite Visual Artist
Moa Wallin, Matt Barley, drachenMagier and Sandara. All here on DeviantArt :D
Favourite Movies
Montey Python's Holey Grail, Gattaca, The Matrix and The Lego Movie! :D
Favourite TV Shows
Rick and Morty, and any cute children's cartoon that's on :p
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pendulum, MitiS, Faux Tales, Netsky, The Glitch Mob, Nero, Caravan Palace, The Birthday Massacre...
Favourite Books
The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, and H.P. Lovecraft's stuff
Favourite Games
LittleBIGPlanet, Kerbal Space Program, Besiege, FEZ, Luftrausers, The Binding Of Isaac, Spelunky, Don't Starve,...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Cola, chocolate and long naps ;)

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mangakokkiHobbyist Artist

thanks for the faves and watch! :3

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you're welcome :)
thanks for the watch yo!
You're welcome :D Love your style
EijiSaekiProfessional Digital Artist

Thanks for the fave.