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this is predator
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OmniGawker's avatar
Fucking siiiick man!!
bearchipsandships123's avatar
Get to the chopper!!!!!!!!!
Badrater's avatar
Oh damn that looks awesome!
Supersaiyan113's avatar
This is like Mcdonalds.. I'm lovin it!
Now THIS is freakin' epic!
SciaticBickie's avatar
Love the style... amazing art.
nice image..good job !
jeffroell8's avatar
If the predator wasn't badass before, you certainley made him now!
TheAetherUniverse's avatar
just rewatched the original movie so it's all coming back to me XD :D Awsome!
CubeTron23's avatar
Very cool! One thing: The targeting laser is on the head. Not on the plasma caster

PS: This drawing looks badass! What program did you use?
Gunslinger-of-Hearts's avatar
Woah... sick colors! :D I love the intensity and motion
sonic-speedsune-202's avatar
if was in the woods and saw him...I'd nope it like a beast
willthecheetos's avatar
this is so cool he look so badass
jasonyut's avatar
NIIICE drawing!
mastershepard53's avatar
this guy just got in a mortal kombat
GamingSkeleton's avatar
I know right. Him and Jason are gonna fuck everyone up.
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