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Wait....are we related? 
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Would you like to join my group :iconnightmare-elm-street: or :iconthis-is-insidious:? Unless i already asked in which case sorry.
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Sorreh for below, clicked paste instead of spell check oh dear god :/
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MacTavish lead the team through the barren desert. They were isolated. Not a soul in sight, or a voice heard. The only sound which met their ears was the sound of the light breeze flowing past them. One of the men at the back of the team started slowing down. MacTavish stopped the turned. “Catch up Corporal; we’ve got an alien to kill!” He yelled to him, to which the Corporal jogged over to join the rest of the team. They walked past a few more metres of sand before they met a small wall of sand. MacTavish was the first to jump over. He got over and then froze. His eyes vacantly staring at whatever was over the wall. Roach followed shortly after, and saw MacTavish in a trance. “Hey, MacTavish!” He said, nudging him with his fist. MacTavish pointed in front of him. “Look over there” he said in his Scottish voice. Roach turned and saw what MacTavish was looking at. He jumped back over the wall. “Guys, you’ve gotta see this!” Roach said, his face was spread with a look of panic. Before anyone could ask anything, Roach had already jumped back over for the third time. The rest of the team followed and saw it. Half buried in a crater of glowing sand was an aircraft, about the size of a harrier jet, but it was shaped more like a pod. It was damaged and bent, with areas of black burn marks, probably from falling through earth’s atmosphere. Its entire frame was conducting blue sparks of electricity and flashed around it. “Come on, follow me!” MacTavish ordered and started to run across the mile of sand between them and the pod. Roach looked at the rest of the team, and reluctantly followed. Their footsteps echoed as they were printed into the untouched sand. They stopped within about five metres from the pod, marvelling at the alien technology. “Toad, Archer, go and find a sniping point, and take up a position there, we need you, just in case” MacTavish said to the two men wearing desert camouflage ghillie suits. They both held M14 Enhanced Battle Rifles. They nodded and started running over to a small hill about a mile to the east. “Ghost, Roach, Corporal Miller, I need you to cover me if this gets ugly, weapons ready.” MacTavish said. Ghost nodded “Affirmative, Sir” He replied and drew his ACR to his line of sight. He then nudged Roach, who then looked at Corporal Miller, who copied what Ghost did. Ghost and Roach’s ACR’s were painted with a fading desert camouflage, while Corporal Miller’s FAMAS was painted in a beige colour. MacTavish cautiously stepped towards the huge, electrified pod. He looked up at it, seeing the orange sun reflect on its metal frame. He delicately pressed a shaky left hand onto the pod. He immediately reacted from an electric shock that buzzed at the palm of his hand. A blue ripple spread from the area which he had just touched. It spread across the entire aircraft, before it faded. The sound of metal being hit was heard, as a fist mark appeared in the metal, pushing outwards. It hit three times, and then stopped. MacTavish, Roach, Ghost and Corporal Miller all slowly moved away from pod. Then the metal was torn from the frame and launched towards MacTavish. He ducked under it and it landed softly into the sand. From the hole that it had just created stood a humanoid figure, only a bit taller than an average human. It stepped out from the dark insides of the pod; it had bright green blood, which was pouring from some minor cuts in its body. It saw the four humans, and flicked its wrist. Two long, sharp blades extended from a pad on its wrist. It lunged at MacTavish. Then a bullet was heard being fired from a sniper rifle, shortly followed by a secondary fire. The two bullets hit it in the left leg, causing it to collapse. MacTavish, Roach, Ghost and the Corporal were in shock; their fingers froze above the triggers to their guns, unable to fire. Then MacTavish triumphantly spoke into his radio. “Archer, Toad, get back to the Pave Low, we’ll join you shortly.” He ordered “Roger that, sir.” Came the reply over the radio. The alien got up from the floor, in a daze. It immediately aimed three red lasers that formed a triangle shape at MacTavish’s forehead. A sort of gun was attached to the aliens shoulder, which now pulsed with blue energy. MacTavish sighed, ready to succumb to his fate. He looked deep into the metal mask that covered the aliens face. “I know what you are.” He said in disgust.
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I need some help, and I don't mean point donations~ [link]
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Thanks very much for the fav, I appreciate it! :)
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