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Wind Raider (Animated)

Commission for  :iconknight232:
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Really beautiful!
Great colors! :D
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I coincidentally have an OC with his color theme.
Looks great, by the way.
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Absolutely gorgeous.
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Great work!!!!
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Amazing work
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How do you render your work? I have started making 2D rigs in After Effects and can't find a way to render at a file size this small.. Only 9 seconds clip. Are you able to help me?
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I render in PNG sequency, and export as GIF using Photoshop.
Well, It's hard to get a small size file without loosing a lot of quality, you should do a balance between Time, Frame Rate, Height / Width and Colors.
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Thanks for the reply. I have been trying to render some art recently and I think its just got too much detail and the image size alone makes the file large. For now I seem to be fine with SWF (I hope. I have only done 1 render).

By the way, your work is amazing and I want to thank you for the inspiration for my future works =)
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Looks real neat!
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Damn... That's all I can say.
MPRAM's avatar
damn thats so nice!!!
i wish i had your skillz!!
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Wow that is awesome!
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what is she stepping on?
heathfiedler's avatar
looks like some sort of helmet.
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Reminds me of the Legend of Zelda for some reason (I've been playing it on the Nintendo Switch xD)
Very majestic ^^
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I'd like to see how she looks in such a flat helm lol
AshCatArts's avatar
sweet armour 
Toki-Fox's avatar
hoooooooooowwwwwwwwww do u animate so beautifully?!
ToastyTop's avatar
Love the armor
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