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Starlight Glimmer

Ready to learn "friendly" magic?
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Just like Trixie - faved! cant keep them apart :3
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I'm not a big fan of mlp but this looks awesome!
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How long do these take?! Gosh this is beautiful! >.<
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On another piece they said around 12 hours
Painterqueen's avatar
how do u even make these?
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this is fucking awesome love starlight <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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DANG! that is EPIC!
XMindia-InkaiX's avatar
how much time did it take? omg
MariaLovesMLP2105's avatar
A bit glitched but goood job!!
FireHeartDraws's avatar
Really cool. I wonder how long it took you to animate the magic alone. XD
Ilynalta's avatar
Amazing glimglam <3
KurouKoutarou's avatar
God that's creepy
DeJiKo07's avatar
Awesome work!
Starlight is so beautiful.
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Such Starlight! Very Glimmer! WOW!
FanofHorses's avatar
What the f.....

Religious spam? Whats Next? Satanic spam?
TooCliched's avatar
I love this beautifully animated Glimmy!
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