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Rainbow Dash Wanted

Around 5~6h

I spent more time than I should on this piece, match Rainbow Dash colors is always a challenge for me.
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Hey, I’m looking for some artwork for my new song, “Unpredictable.” I was looking for some cover art and this looks amazing! I was wondering if I could use it, obviously giving you credit.
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"we located her, time to get her !"
*3 seconds later*
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This piece is so amazing, all the work you put into the background and perspective, it is like WOW and then the colour scheme as well amazing work ♥
"The name is Dash, Rainbow Dash."

"Buckwheat Smoothie. Shaken, not stirred."

I know, I know! I just couldn't  resist! 
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Now let's see her beat the crap out of dem!
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Awesome work
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From the look on her face, I would say she doesn't need an 'Exit'.
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This reminds me of Harmony Theory
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can I marry your lighting please
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HAha those 3 ponies in the background look so much like my OC Flint.
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oh snap

shits goin down
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I see Tempest Shadow hiding on the right, she ain't so slick, also this reminds me of the beginning of Space Quest IV
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awesome! has a whole secret agent vibe to it.
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I'm loving all of these interesting pieces you are making recently... although I'm a little disappointed that they aren't large enough to use as wallpapers. Still very nice looking though.
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What did she do this time...
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