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Opuscule Antiquity

Commission for  :iconastranacus:
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Truly awesome! The shape, depth, texture, brilliant :D I love the animation too!
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Ah shiet this truly blinded me lmao
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why are you trying to blind people
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You got some talent!
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sooo greatt looking!!!!!!!
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WOW! With a style and technique like yours, im tempted to ask, can you do my Character Autumn?:…

Thank you!!! (Can oyu do her in a dark cave using her magic to light stuff up, And her liek moving her head up and down and her hoof up?) 
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he/she does commisions sorry if this sounds rude but please think to yourslel "If this person did requests how many would they have?" first becuase it helps you realise that they probaly dont do this stuff for free ^^
Ravenscreation's avatar
... there is a way they can say no or yes, you didnt need to answer for them.
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im sorry but they probaly didnt see your comment out of the probable 1,000+ he/she gets and you could have said that in a 'lighter tone' seeing as i was trying to be respectful and not leave you hanging
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Well it sounds quite rude to me.
Sorry but... Im in a bad mood, ok?
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im sorry its pretty hard not to sound rood saying that kind of thing ^^'' and its ok also i knew they were going to say no becuase they have commision prices on there page ^^'''
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I love this animation *__*
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I love your animations!
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This is just magical! La la la la
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Wow, the relent of the waves... Awesome, so many ways to be creative while animating! :D
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