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Good Nightmare

Rule the world, is it evil?

Classic NMM 1h40
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She came all the way from Ultra Moon, didn't she?

XD Did she at least get a single Pokeball?
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I would hug so much.... Still the most beautiful villain.

Wonderful work
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I think she looks rather cute
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Of course she isn't. How this cute mare could hurt anyone?
My goddess.
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Well. Technically you are, Nightmare. 'What? No I'm not!' Sure, sure. Cool artwork! 
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I’m not a villain, I’m just a ball of nightmares that’s going to cast the whole world into darkness.
When your basic nature is to eradicate all life, then you realy aren't a villian, because you cannot do otherwise.
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He he he. That is what they all say. I honestly believe that it is the point of view that determines who is who and what is what. Very cute. Night mare moon is by far my favorite character. :-)
You are not a villain if you are a monster.
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I love her! >w<
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Im not a villan, I just want to destroy everything because I'm angry at everything }:^)
AdrianTheBrony's avatar are by far the most cutest villain I ever know X3 
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of course, and I'm Apollo Diomedes

Bruva I am Happy here by SykA-theblacker

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She ain't mo villain she's my waifu Heart 
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Guess that makes her an anti-hero then?Meow :3 
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Well , technically she is and isn't at the same time. 
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