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Fire Strike

Commission for  :icon3vilpyro:
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My sister saw this and said "Look! It's Grillby's girlfriend!" Grillby Icon 
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I like her cutie mark.... I didn't know that someone could have toothless as a cutie mark! ^^
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it is a good piece of art though Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing Rainbow Dash Yay Icon GIF My Little Pony - *O* Rainbow Awesome Dash GIF My Little Pony - Fantastic!! Rainbow Dash (awesome) plz 
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why are you mad at Nadia? she was just saying it was good.
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She found me again. I WILL NOT BE FOUND! XD
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this is awesome!
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What amazes me of this is that it's a 2d art that looks 3d. Its just epic and amazing.
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Now that :iconcsiplz: Is a Hot plot
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how much are your commissions?
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I'm pretty sure you must've gotten this question a million times over already, so apologies for asking it again:

Just... how?!? :icondashhuuuh2plz:

How do you make these? What software do you use?

It's clearly not Flash, you can't color like that in Flash. I'm aware newer versions of Flash have a "bone-tool", that could account for the fluid animation perhaps - but then there are the particle effects and while Flash does have particle effects of some kind, I don't think they look like this.

I have literally no concept of how you create these animations. Please explain.
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No problems
I use After effects to animate this stuffs
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Ahhhh. Now I know what I want for Christmas. :iconpinkieishappyplz: 
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