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Book Pony

More books, more Twilight.
My week in a nutshell, the amouth of nothings are too high.
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Yes, very productive 👏

Love it, great art 🎨

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I don't know what's funnier: Twilight with her horn through her book or the picture of Celestia and Luna?
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I love the painting on the wall in the background. 
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I geuss she was using her magic to make it float and it fell on her horn XD
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That's definitely not an efficient reading method.
Twilight damaged a book? Blasphemy! :O
DietBudah's avatar
my thoughts exactly
paulinaghost's avatar
I might need that book when she's done with it.
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Is this the pony version of Facebook? :D
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i need that book... even though i would probably too lazy read it ;w;
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Is this Book Horse from Legends of Equestria??
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Ha! i like that :) (Smile) Nod  
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Why does this remind me of the thing when you lie in a bed holding you're phone upwards and you drop it in your face
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I don't know what I love more: the precious irony, the picture of Twi, or Luna's expression XD
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Twilight is me 

I love your style. It looks really good. 
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Yyyyeah, that feels oddly familiar to me as well.

So many nothings, and they took the time with them.
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Book horse does a book... i guess?
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