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Battle NMM

A good future ruler of the night needs to know how to fight.
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all girls (any age)
must learn how to fight
(Im learning how to use a sword)

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This version of the evil princess is almost too adorable to strike terror into the hearts of her enemies. Still, she does that looks that says we don't want to tick her off; that cute moon-themed halberd is still scary enough to give us pause too. Whatever the case, Nightmare Moon looks fantastic, a lovely and well-polished style, and her armor is wicked cool. the battlefield background looks just menacing enough for a bit of battle practice, especially with that forked tongue gracefully waving over the scorching earth. Let's hope we didn't distract her so much that her opponent can catch her by surprise… though I suppose that could be a useful lesson too. :)

Whatever the case, thanks for the cute and menacing fun.
She's like "Stop saying I'm cute--it's ruining my battle rage"
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Eu só acho que você gosta da Luna/NMM
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Luna: "I'm scary in a cute way.....right?"
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Looking so good.

Wonderful work
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Nightmare moon looks amazing! Love how her mane and tail looks!
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cool weapon!
is that a halberd?
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Some sort of, I guess.
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Nightmare Cutie ^^
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Mmm, that style you got...always like how you do it!
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Feel like I need to boop her with a rolled up newspaper...don't know why.
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EEEE I love you NMM pics ^^

she's so grump! but much cute!
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What an awesome character. Great imagination
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