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Second work with birds on the focus.
Same style of the first one.

Portfólio: [link]
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Forgive me, Im not very knowledgeable when it comes to photo manips but I just had to take a stab for this one! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" /> I love that you chose a bird. I don't see a lot of works that center just on birds when it comes to manips. Sure, the bird might be in the photo but rarely the center of attention! I love all the textures and how well they blend and overlap with each other. the painting over the feathers is really neat and the angled lines add a really interesting touch. The colours really pop but not in a detracting way. The ONLY critique I have is so minuscule it's barely worth mentioning.. but there's a sharp bold dark line above his wing that sorta doesn't fit.

yup, that's it. lol really enjoyed the piece, thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for the critique!
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Hi! Just so you know, this is a blue headed Pionus parrot, Pionus menstruus :)
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I absolutely love the color of this combined with the grunge look. It create the perfect effect.
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Wonderful work! :clap:
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aaah! i LOVE the colours and combination :clap:
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amei!!! :clap: :love: :worship:
mto fofinho ^^/
is really beautiful!

i love all the texture, great work :)
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This is brilliant man! All done in photoshop?
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Yes =D
The scratches and some other stuff's was digitaly painted ;)
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