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Yacarerani boliviensis

By Rodrigo-Vega
Yacarerani boliviensis...

And thats a regular sized millipede, the little crocodile is not larger than a cat.
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The art has a great layout; however the forms of the animals are too stiff.
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
Yea, possibly so. This drawing is old : P
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This is a beautiful piece, and thanks for letting us discover this unusual species.
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hermosos lagartos
PineRain's avatar
Beautiful! This immediately captured my attention.
Traheripteryx's avatar
Evolution sometimes has some concepts... :D Burrow-crocs! In prehistoric times, everything was even more awesome!
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
Curiously enough, we have an unusually narrow view of crocs based on the ones we have alive today, but historically, there were burrowing crocodiles, running crocodiles marine (as in shark-like marine) crocodiles, herbivore crocodiles and so on.
Traheripteryx's avatar
Yeah, those herbivorous pig-nosed aetosaurs are really the weirdest ones...
Saberrex's avatar
Whoa. never even heard of this croc. very nice job
carnival's avatar
8'3 catodile is awesome!

man... dinosaurs had the best of EVERYTHING back in the day~! X'3
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last comment was somewhat devoid of commentary-- great attention to detail, like the pattern and attention to the scale/skin structures. have you read the new simosuchus memoir in the latest JVP?

have you thought about tackling chimaerasuchus or some other not often hit upon notosuchian?
pyroraptor86's avatar
saved as new desktop background <3
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I love everything about this pic! brilliant work!
Grahamtheman's avatar
Somebody call Ironbeard!
DemoComics's avatar
looks really cool
TwistedSynapses's avatar
Cute little guys. Do they make decent pets? I've had problems with reptiles in the past, but if they stay this size...
Excellent painting! :)
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Absolutely adore this. Your technique is excellent, and you put SO much personality into that critter! I like the palette you chose too--reminds me of a Charles R Knight painting
Ankou-MagPie's avatar
This is very well done!
Though I do hope they don't get smooshed by the sauropods over there.
Novarock's avatar
so nice! :) I ealy like the face it's doing ^^ great work!
bensen-daniel's avatar
Lovely! I love the way you tighten the focus on the mother croc in the foreground so she has more details. That's something I want to be able to do.
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