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Yup, the troll.
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pookiesaurus4's avatar
I pretty much have the same idea of a troll, only with more body hair.
DarkAgeForest's avatar
I like this style of this! I would be interested to know what sort of paper/ink/medium you use!
insane-rev-milta's avatar
interesting...the anatomy of a troll, inspired by DaVinci?
pookiesaurus4's avatar
You mean Leonardo Da Vinci?
hardcorecannibal744's avatar
haha you have no idea how much I love this (o _ o)  so cool !!!!
Dgous's avatar
WOW Awesome.
Falafler's avatar
yep, this seems about how they would look in reality :P i love it!
scholarwarrior-lad's avatar
I like the textured mottled and stained antique surface you have for the background. Makes it look like part of a naturalist's sketches for some fantasy bestiary.
TSense's avatar
:icontsense::saysplz:I think you draw ihm wrong
:icontrollfaceplz::saysplz:u mad?
CreepingBoNE's avatar
You have to be the worst troll I've ever seen.
MistahJoker's avatar
ROFLMAO. ^^^^^ That just made my day...
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
Hey, I see these on YouTube every now and then. It's fun feeding them!
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
yea, those are harder to kill than the real ones.
cactusface23's avatar
Seems a little artemis fowl inspired(what with the dreads and tusks and such)?Still super awesome.
yoult's avatar
:D Ha cool, this has so much similarities with my trolls
Avish's avatar
excellent, rich imagination!
gwarsh41's avatar
I couldn't pass this up, I started and finished a base mesh for this character. Trolls are just too cool. and the art is amazing. Now I have to decide if I want to sculpt the cattle or the troll. dang you for being such an amazing artist!
siborg626's avatar
very good!!!
But real Trolls have shorter legs and long floppy ears-I'm just saying so...I know shame on me!!!!!!!
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
Well, as well as with the ogres I have to tell you, it depends heavily on the folk tradition you wich to base your work on, sometimes the description are vert vague and even times contradictory. I don't think its valid to say "But the real ogres/trolls are" there is no "real" version.

siborg626's avatar
Oh,Alright then. <:(
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
Jeje, it's cool ^^
DSil's avatar
Excellent musculature! You make it look like such a believable creature.
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