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Cool stuff, giant robots and awesome monsters comming soon..
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I like this "Split" artwork so much, that I want to use it on the cover of my first (self) published book. It's a youth autobiography titled "The Grand Perfect Storm: Boptized in Water, Then in Fire." I have sent a copyright license permission request by private message and email. Danisnotonfire: FEELS

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Now that is really nice!  Excellently illustrated depiction of the human condition!
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this is so cool 
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This is some real stuff here. Bravo good sir
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This speaks to me on so many levels. 
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sweet tha'ts the true meaning of heart vs brain
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Very well drawn.
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Great concept-fine graphic.
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If I gave credit to you, would you mind if I used this as a cover photo for my book on Wattpad? It's very fitting.
Hi Rodrigo-Vega:  I am the Physiology graduate program coordinator at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.  On behalf of our students and faculty, we would like to ask permission to use your work (with attribution) on our website and in our printed recruitment materials.  Much of our research is centered around cardiovascular and psychiatric diseases and in finding new treatment avenues for these conditions.  All the best, Scott Edwards
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Oohh fascinating. Sure Scott! Make sure to send me back a link or something to the media in which it is displayed. I love seeing this image getting around.
Es posible obtener esta imagen en alta resolucion? Quiero colgarlo en mi casa pero para eso necesito la mejor calidad. MUCHAS GRACIAS maestro!! Te dare creditos cuando este lista. 
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Reminds me of the game portal2. Like the colors and style. (Also contains cool stuff and giant robots) Awesome job!
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Hey, I realy want to use this image for making few big posters, can I use this? Have I any schance to get image with bigger resolution? 
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Sure you can. This one in particularly I allow to be free. People like it so much.
Send me a picture of the posters, you standing next to them or whatever if you do.
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deep very deep, i gnow how it is.
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Accurately describes how I feel..
I can use your image to make shirts? I give the credit to you
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Yea, sure, go nuts.
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