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Retro Dino Cards

By Rodrigo-Vega
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I used a rather vintage style and some intentionally outdated details in the previous set that got some pretty good reactions. I went all in for this set!
Let me know what you think :) And let'se see if you can find the references in anatomy and style I used.


Commissioned by James Conlon; Leisure project.
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How did Allosaurus Re..realy look like Gorosaurus from Godzilla
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The T.rex looks like something out of Hellboy.
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That's a good thing.
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Trully excellent!!
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Shifting stegosaurus plates

True nostalgia
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Oh damn, these are amazing! 
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Means a lot coming from you, man! n _ n
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I love this, as many of these very closely resemble illustrations I've seen in old books I've read (especially that Protoceratops, which brings back nostalgia from a book I have written by Roy Chapman Andrews), while still having their own style with a more "modern" or dynamic look.

Retro as they are, this is really great.
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Wow. Inaccuracy. What garbage :p

justkiddingthesearetheactualshitWhen the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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Dinosaur cards? Sounds familiar...
Also, science ruined dinosaurs!!! Mad :la: Contest Entry 
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uhhhhm it wasnt science......
it was the people who drew dinosaurs like this.
we eventually found out what they really looked like, and some people were pissed off because their Edward Drinker Cope senpais were wrong about them.
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Oh come the fuck off it.

Jesus Christ, it's been a year and even now I can still smell the fucking superiority complex on this comment.
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The Tyrannosaurusremibds me of Sharptooth.
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I love it! It has that Dino Scene From Fantasia look to it :D
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I would love to see more in this style from you, man! Keep it up!
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I always loved this old style of paleo art. Thumbs up!
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Very well done..KoOL...who doesn't like Dino's..😀
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This looks awesome! Love the dynamism in these pieces.
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oh my goodness!
ButILikeTauNeutrino's avatar
You brought these outdated beasties back from the dead!
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can just hear the rite of spring when i see that T.rex
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