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You might or might not alreday know [link] Dinosaur Comics, or Qwantz as it is also known.
I made a strip as a tribute.
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10 outa 10, would realism again
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Difícil de creer que ese cómic ya tiene 16 años y todavía continua!!
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says the talking raptor
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A gritty live-action reboot of Dinosaur Comics! 
nmheath03's avatar
That raptor's a hypocrite.
Suchomimus65's avatar
Love this series.
FredtheDinosaurman's avatar
LOL, priceless response from Rex "FRIIGGG" xD
Traheripteryx's avatar
What Utahraptor says, is the rule!
BelugaBaby's avatar
I love dino comics! This is a wonderful interpretation :D
RevelationMan's avatar
This made me laugh so hard
ArcasCronifer's avatar
Could be a tribute to Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes too ! He draws dinosaurs so well and has so much sense of humor :-)
CoreyAMurray's avatar
I noticed the feathered raptor. Good work!
guavajagular's avatar
Wow, this does remind me of Calvin and Hobbes =D
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Nice, I love comic art with heavy black outlines. Great job!
Joannasaurus's avatar
As soon as I saw this, I totes got the reference! Very nice! "FRIIGGG" Lol!
JeremyAcorn's avatar
Very "Bill Waterson". I love the jab at the style of the comic and you pull of the punchline wonderfully. :XD:
daveraven's avatar
Oh man, So good!!!
Kazanlak10's avatar
Thats great!.....Ah Dinosaur Comics. I should start checking that page again.
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You win one free Internet.

Seriously awesome. Fav'd.
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