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Prehistoric Dragons 2

Due to the whooping success of [link] this image and the public asking for a more of those and the fact they're really fun to do, I went ahead and did more ^^
Hope you enjoy them!

Brief explanations:

1- Based on sharovipteryx. At first this was just giant version of the original animal which is as strange as a flying thing can get. To be able to call it my own, I added the extra set of limbs find on characteristic of true dragons..

2- A flying amphibian. Although, ok, a heavy, cold blooded, ever-wet-or-die diplocaulus doesn't sound like a very areal creature at all. Who cares, the head and tail look interesting for stabilization and some ancient amphibians had many, up to 8 digits that could support the wings which is really interesting in this type of designs.

3- Based on the large South American mammals, ground sloths , armadillos, etc. The wings are sustained not by fingers, but giant claws. Now that's metal. Rule of Cool FTW.

4- The previous designs I did had a theropod with feathered wings. But since not all theropods were feathered and some people like them better that way, then I gave this one some more traditional draconic wings.

5- Ornithischians are a real challange, they don't really seem very keen on flying. They do have some interesting alternative wing surfaces to modify into wings which is a big part of the idea in this series of drawings.

6- Another ornithischians, a ceratopsid this time. Someone asked for a triceratops last time. Here it is.

7- A mammal-like reptile. Uses the old ribs for wings trick.

8- A personal Favourite, a large flying Austroraptor. I wanted it to look kinda like an oriental dragon, long and slender and graceful.

9- Another personal favourite as you might gess by the double feature. Therizinosaurus. YEA.
YEA, it carries it's rider in between it's claws, he's THAT awesome.
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I really like the amphibian one. A close second would be the theropod.

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This is sooo cool, I don't usually see this depictions/sketches i like it 🖤

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:wave::wave::wave::wave:Hello! :D :)
:aww: Nice picture! :clap::dance::wow:
:iconeufrosis:I like it!:blowkiss::iconpurpleheartplz:
:iconsuperglompplz:Keep up the good work!
:iconflyingheartsplz:Have a good day!:hug:
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Browsing through my favourites, I'd have liked to come back to this piece and share that it's truly inspirational, fascinating, and intriguing what you've designed. Thank you so much for these lovely concepts!

~ Brass
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THIS IS AMAZING!!! I especially like 4th one.
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Stegoraptor, check out these amazing dragon designs!
Dark-Eyed-Junco's avatar
I really want a Therizinosaurus dragon to carry me around. :(
AnnaRDunster's avatar
some of your design choices confuse me a little (especially the last one that has no face as far as i can tell) but the detail and attention to anatomy is fantastic and it's a really great piece of work overall :D
YardnE's avatar
very cool ^^
Myribelle's avatar
Love it! Especially the human's reaction for number 2
they all look awesome!!
amazing pictures!!
Hextress's avatar
Avatar!!! Love the movie and the shows but not so much the latest series. Both avatar movies btw. This piece was a little rusty with the aerial view but your side profiles were incredibly detailed and show you got talent
Night-Dragon-009's avatar
this is amazing, the first dragon reminds me of a banshee (did I get that right?) from avatar XD
little-red-book's avatar
taming a dragon.....cooool
PeterPalmiotti's avatar
BlackDragonSage's avatar
THESE ARE AMAZING I LOVE #6 Is it possible that I could buy #6?
Sereida-Arts's avatar
Such amazing designs, and all so detailed, love em!
yz2996's avatar
Increíble work
ulquiorraLover79's avatar
The second dragon looks amazing.
Bleskobleska-Yandere's avatar
Wow, this is pure epicness *-*
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