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Well it's been a long time.
I've been working on.. many things now with final tests and several project all of which for some reason or another I cannot upload yet.

But thanks for you patience.

I'm going to edit this image to add some information on this animal later on this week.

- I changed the snout. A friend of mine and I noticed that the previous snout was too sauropod-like.
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Exquiset, gives such a feeling of power and yet tranquillity.
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The detail in the water, such as the way the light plays on the plesiosaurus' back and the lighter and darker patches in the water, are amazing. Keep up the good work!
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Ahh beautiful ;A:
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Very nice. The effect of the light beneath the water and across the creature's skin is really good! Thanks for sharing.
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thanks for this
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this is my new descop now
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El otro dia en TN dieron un especial sobre el "Nahuelito" y usaron tu dibujo.
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No way, en serio??! - _ - yo no les di la autorizacion..
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Mostraron rapidito un montón de dibujos que están todos en la web y esta este.
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Squiiids! :heart:

Plesiosaur was totally one of my favorites for a while there as a kid~
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i love the way you did the water :)
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wow you are really good
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nice one! :D

any specific genus?
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Yes, but I hemn.. forgot :P
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got anymore paleoart for me to see?
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Well yes . _ .
I've got an entire folder in my gallery devoted to the subject..
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PS. Hope you don't mind me using your Chutulu design for my film...
What's the difference between a Plesiosaur and an Elasmosaurus?
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Elasmosauruses are a group of plesiosaurs with longer necks.
So basically one has a longer neck than the other one?
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One group belongs in the other, in the same way dolphins are whales. And elasmosauruses, the smaller group is characterized yes, by the longer neck and being usually larger.
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rawrawrawr. i know what i wanna be when i grow up now.
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