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Orc, Ogre and Troll

An orc, an ogre and a troll.
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Coolest Troll design I've ever seen.
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Troll hunter 2 additions 
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so pretty love the orc
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I'm not sure if I look more up to how stylish this is or some mental image related to the world of internet. X) Great piece.
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Ironically , that orc looks like a Troll from World of warcraft :p
i didn't expect to find this so easily!
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an orc, an ogre and a troll walk into a bar.
an orc an ogre a troll
went all to the park for a stroll
but the orc bumped his head,
the troll turned,ran, and fled,
and ogre fell into a hole.
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Savage, Oafish, Cunning :) A terrific job :thumbsup:
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The orc looks like blanka from street fighter
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I am speechless!!!! This is amazing! beautifully done, with lots of detail :D Congrats!

Fantasy ART gallery:

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A really creepy and yet familiar design for an ogre. Good.
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Around what size would these be compared to a human? And how big compared to a Cyclops?
these look like the simians they evolved from.
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the orc looks like Blanka from Street Fighter
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I think I've been told that, it might have been an inspiration.
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Haha... originally i read your description as...

"So, an orc, an ogre and a troll walk into a bar...."

I was ready for a pun of some sort... either way... brilliantly stylish pics :)
LOVE the orc :D ironically reminds me of Ogremon from Digimon lol
What fantasy world is this from? I like!
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wow the ogre is so disgusting looking and the troll is so creepy! i love it! the orc looks too much like the troll tho imo
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Some commenters are seeing the Troll and the Orc as being very similar. Honestly, I don't see it. The Troll has two sets of interlocking tusks jutting out of the face horizontally, whereas the Orc's tusks are coming out of the bottom jaw at more of an angle. The Orc has long pointed ears, the Troll has small, rounded ears. The Orc has a nose so small it's hard to see (at least I think that's a nose) whereas the Troll has a very prominent one. The Troll's hair goes around his neck, while the Orc's hair seems to go down the back. Add their different builds and different colors, and to me, they're clearly separate creatures.

All three are very well done. I much prefer these more..."traditional" takes on them than the sort of thing you see in typical high fantasy. There's something more magical and fantastic about them in my opinion.
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