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Yay! I really like this page, but well, you tell me. You can see something changing from this pages on, if I'm not wrong, from now on all pages are going to have 9 drawings each. So, mutants, I love mutants, I had never told you so, but in medical terms I'm a true mutant myself, I was born with incomplete Syndactyly in my toes ( friggin' amphibian!) wich I think is awesome, and some weird type of partial albinism in my forehead from which white hairs of awesome come out, and similar thing in my left leg. So yes, I'm proud of all my mutantions.
Hehe, I'm a mutant, you are not. XD
Now seriously here are some hideous mutants caused by some sort of strange fallout or something..

348) Mutated snakes: Most of the mutants on this page happen to be combinations of different organisms melted together or something, so I also made this one made of three animals from the same species. I don't like animals suffering, but I think this page really caught my intention of making this mutations look uncomfortable, painful and most of the time less efficient than the healthy versions, yet still really dangerous.

349) Crocodile-plants: Yes, I made a crocodile with plants before but their bodies weren't technically fused in one.

350) Human-pidgeon: I like the twisted look on this one, it's not a mix of a beak and a mouth, is a twisted beak to a side, and deformed mouth to the other. It doeasnt have bird feet and human arms, it has both bird and human toes in his feet and human thumbs coming out of the deformed wings.

351) Mutated cat: No weird combos here, just a stretched snout and inner jaws.

352) Mutated flea: As large as a Rottweiler an with 2 additional heads it will still try to sink its head inside your body... so yes, probably It will only reap you at the half, but try explaining that to it.

353) Dog-rat-human: This one gave one of my classmates the creeps, he was almost mad at me becouse of adding living deformed human babies to the ribs of a murderous rat-dog. So yes, It seemed kinda morbose since I could just made it an adult human or something, but I explained that if the human cells would somehow get stacked to the dog-rat being a puppy and the radiation would then activate the fusion or the growing of the human cells would grow way slower and in one or two years the dog-rat would be an adult and go around killing people and the human cells would be still gowing as babies.

354) Fly-dog: Some of this don't even seem to work.

355) Mutated pony:
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Isn't the world a wasteland place
My mutant Pony, My mutant Pony
Everywhere you go, a tumored face

356) Mutated human: because everybody knows that when humans start mutanting they become cannibals.
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really creppe, the worst nightmare of many
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Have to admit, the are all pretty creepy, but the mutant human is pretty cool. Creepy, but cool.
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Favorite one in the bottom right :D
Jayzfeather4ever's avatar
that one in the upper right corner is gonna haunt me in my nightmares still awesome
GrenadierSS's avatar
We need Ordo Xenos here asap
OblivionJunkey94's avatar
Mechanical pencil for the win love these mutants
Lupr's avatar
These are fucking excellent, I'm serious.
GameGuy1's avatar
which kind of pencil did you used?
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Love the mutant flea, my favorite insect! Fly dog is also quite awesome, all of these ar wonderfully creepy.
Cory-West's avatar
Thats Awsome......... im jus starting to learn to draw them.
Desmodeus's avatar
The white hair you depict yourself with is natural? That is awesome to the nth degree!
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
I don't see any selfportrait of me here, but yes, I have a natural skunk stripe in my forehead. ^^
Desmodeus's avatar
Well, you have no true self-portraits, but you've drawn yourself in an Anti-Spore comic, and a comic involving cannibalising Kirby! :p

I, on the other hand, am stuck with the prospect of roots appearing shortly after my hair has been dyed. :/
AZ2612's avatar
Jeeze, The thing eating the arm......creepy
oblivion-of-sanity's avatar
I was born with a mutated heart. :/ I don't think that counts because they fixed it.
Dragonhid60's avatar
Great! I like the Mutated dog.
Kainsword-Kaijin's avatar
Cool mutants dud=^w^=
Archbishop01's avatar
Nice arts , the designs makes me happy . Morbidity for the win : )

hey i'm a mutant too, my two toes beside my big toes are stuck together :)
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
Well congratulations! there should be some kind of association for true mutants. With swiming pools for us syndactyl people
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