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The smelliest, dirtier creatures on earth, literally.

296) Fanged rat: I can no longer name them "M-1" right? well technically I could, after all is my deviation, but that would be cheating, right?
Basically all mammals are rats in one way or another. You take reptiles and you'll find animals with 0, 2, and 4 limbs, animals with almost a single lung, soft creatures, hard creatures, long and short scaled and feathered, with colours from all the gadamm' light spectrum. But mammals, mammals are always more or less this brown, black or grey furry fellas with 4 limbs. Yes I know, some of them have shorter or longer hair some of them look like not having hair at all, you can shape their hands like wings or flippers, but believe me, we are all the same boring thing epoch after epoch. So here it is, a kind of mammal, a rat.

297) Amabesus: You know this elephant Amabelodon? this is the hog version.

298) Angolognathus: Descendant of the felines with the jaws bending outwards and articulated in the midle of the mandibles. Plaint weird.

299) Tetrapachydon: A large elephant with two pairs od tusks, one curling upwards, used to push down trees and wrestling with rivals and the other facing downwards, used as defence, to dig in the ground, etc.

300) Longitocetos: Some sort of large elongated whale with cross-shaped tail fins.

301) Ananyctochiros: Bats without membrane between their fingers.

302) Lungheognathus: Just a regular cow like animal. Pretty standar.

303) Carnivore giraffe: Yup, you heard it right. What would happen if all of the sudden giraffes would decide to start feeding on animals, it would be a massacre, that would!
They would be dreadful predators, running at full speed, shatering skulls with their legs and throwing antelopes into the air. Wouldn't that be cool?

304) Leaping monkey: A small wallaby like monkey.

305) Short legged horse: I think I just ran out of space in this sheet, so I had to make this weir horse creature... mha, is not that bad.
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the bat one is cool!