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MIKECORREIRO tribute creature

Just went to see District 9. At the beginning the creature was bipedal and was way more arthropod-like, I felt like making a remake of the creatures (The film was awesome but becuase of plot issues the aliens had to be too human-like).
But then I went back to the original idea of making non sentinent creatures if possible
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aww amazing can i used it :)
GAGameStudio's avatar
it looks amazing. i think you should join our Contest
I love this creature. I would like to include in a video game I am working on. Please let me know my email is
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Kinda looks like the nix hounds from morrowind 
Rek-Dan-Thi's avatar
A slightly mutated Nix Hound. ^^
MAKATAKO's avatar
muy raro y que son PELOSSS!!?
SaintOfTheDragons's avatar
Sweet concept, man. What do you do with your monster ideas?
iRossenrot's avatar
Este esta muy sarpado!
Dracosphere's avatar
This has to be the coolest creature design I have EVER seen. Awesome.
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fantastic picture.
Hydrus-v-riddle's avatar
Looks like a Nix Hound from Morrowind. [link]

Really freaking cool.
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Evil swamp creature. ._.
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this creature looks like a zok throot from the planet eka thime
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If I had to pick between this and a zombie apocalypse, I'd take the apocalypse. There's no way I could survive against that amazing beast.
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
You should always pick the zombie apocalypse. It´s fun to kill them, we`ve seen a million movies teaching us how to survive and people just gets laid like there is no tomorrow, since there probably isn´t.
Thanks for the comment though : P
MustLoveZomz's avatar
Haha I like the way you think.

You're very much welcome ^^
Gorgonphoenix's avatar
wow this is crazy awsome
neet detailes
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Holy McShitburgers that is awesome, the only thing I don't like is how you kind of lost attention to towards the back end of the creature. Of course I still fav it though
JamesMarsano's avatar
ahah i know this piece! gnomon advertise this on one of their fliers. lol nice design dude.. congrats.
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