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Kaiju monsters, joking

Now lets get something clear here, this designs were not intended to be cool, at all. In fact I remember taking a shower while thinking how uncool I could make a monster. I picked a basic simple concept like "giant gorilla, that can't fail" and the I thoght "what is it the most awkward, weird, cheap looking thing I could add to a giant gorilla?... lobster claws, and ... a single big eye in the forehead too" and so on. I also made myself sure a guy in a cotume could perform the character, or at least a couple of poorly paid puppeteers.

340) Pinzakon: This would be the main character, probably an alien or something and yet there is so little to say about him, but I still can picture an intro with a cheesy song in japanese and random sentences in english and big red japanese graphemes and something like "Giant moster wrestling" reading below. The eye emits some sort of blue ray.

341) Hammerah: This is actually kinda fun. Why would a Hammerhead shark would ever need a turtle shell?... why does it look like something like this at all?, theres is no reason for none of this thigs to exist.

342) Sarpodan: A large puppet analogous to Mothra. It shoots dual yellow beams from her eyes.

343) Roboran: Yea right.

344) Mecha-blastirus: yes, I know, this time the cheap technological style is on porpouse. This one is also a puppet.

345) Mezoragon: Inspired in those really obscure kaiju monsters you never heard of, with really cheap ideas.

346) Gorgorada: Sometime cheesi monsters are not that cheesy.

347: Gigamandon: I just had to fill that gap, so I made an elephant with 4 linbs and those weird eyes.

And people this goes for the whole collection, just read the positions of the creatures as they are in the page from left to right, up and down. Doesn't matter if the numbers are backwards.
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I like the mecha-scorpion the most. Others are pretty good.
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nice silhouettes. 
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Lol you are the first person I've ever seen fail to make bad art, even when trying.
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hi i'm making a trading card game and i was wondering if i could use this drawing for a card i will give credit where it is deserved and plus its a easy way to spread your art plus you can still use them for your project the card game is called Paragon Galaxy the concept is a galaxy built where all these worlds exist for the perfect galaxy . The galaxy will grow and grow until this perfection is formed
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sorry i didn't mean to post this
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these are beyond awesome! I like the hooved sloth/flying squirrel/bat/bird kaiju!
Ovvscolofex's avatar
lookout, Riot might steal these for their next league champions
ProtanaArchives94's avatar
I love those monster designs! I also made 15 Godzilla like monsters born from Godzilla's cells or blood. If you like to see them, click on my name, go to the gallery, click on Godzilla's Dark Legacy and see them. :)

Godzilla (c) Toho film company
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Those are some pretty sweet designs!!
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If you tried to make these look cheap, unscary, and lame, then you've failed miserably.
Because some of these somehow actually look pretty cool. I particularly like the the bat-goat-parrot-flying-squirrel thing down next to the one-eyed elephant.
TeddyBearWithSexHair's avatar
I know you made him up just to fill the gap, but I like Gigamandon the best.
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Mezoragon Is by far the scariest. Hes like a child stealing monkey bat, with a beak. Really great job though.
cultistofvertigo's avatar
Wait, you were trying to make them NOT look cool? Then I guess you're a failure. =/
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
I fail at failing. T_ T
RZGmon200's avatar
oh boy,gigamaadon its the best!!
frankarts's avatar
very good guy, please view and comment on my drawings ^ ^
Lucidstillness's avatar
These guys are great and have a lot of personality! I'd take that above being 'cool' any day!
Screamdreams101's avatar
Im really surprised none of those movies ever did a scorpion....
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The clawed Gorilla, the hammerhead shark with the shell, and the MechaGodzilla-looking alligator thing on the second row are my favorites :)
hewhowalksdeath's avatar
I have to admit, some cheesy monsters would look cool if improved; that flying squirrel-bird thing over there does look nice if improvised.
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