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PathanSonOfOdinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Tremendo locura!!!!
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KaprosuchusDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
so this is the giver of the DNA to mutate the hypo rex
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some sort of crocodilian-human hybrid
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SXGodzillaHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome!! :thumbsup:
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JenZphantomHobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of the hunters from Resident Evil.
Love it! :clap:
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DeinonychusEmpireHobbyist General Artist
Ah, this is really cool. The more The Isle content I see being developed the less clue I have about what "the isle's" backstory is. XD
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Rodrigo-VegaProfessional General Artist
Thats good xD
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So THIS is the Colossus who's name I've seen floating around in the forums... I won't lie that I ALMOST thought it was gonna some sort of King Kong creatures but close enough really!
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Gilarah93Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic artwork! Judging by the Colossus' anatomy I'm guessing it's derived from human stock (!), but still...what a monster!

And if I may ask, does The Isle's dev team give you completed concepts to illustrate, or do they give you free reign and pick and choose what they like?
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would be cool if they added Godzilla in the game but as the size of puerta. (only playable by using the console)
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BabakoSenHobbyist General Artist
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VerreDeMerHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like he's got an itch.
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TrilobiteCannibalHobbyist Traditional Artist
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TheWarOfTheRingStudent Writer
Let them fight.

Also, great picture :D
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dlambeautHobbyist General Artist
I assume that thing bellow its left claw is a human femur, so this guy must be over 30 feet! Now, that's a true glandular problem!! :wow:
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Wait, so this is a Hyperendocryn strain for the cannibals?
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Gilarah93Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If the content thread over on The Isle's forum is any indication, the Cannibals have only a single strain, and the Colossus here is a separate creature; no word yet on if it will also have tissoplastic or neurotenic strains, though, or what the base creature looks like.
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Hmm. Could you give me a link to that thread?
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Gilarah93Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Things might've gotten a bit more complicated...heard about the Echidna yet?
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Gilarah93Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haven't found a proper image yet, but here's the video where I first saw it:… . The guy (that guy) is a useful news source for The Isle, but unfortunately he knows zilch about the subject matter.
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All I do know is that it looks like a roided up Killer Croc!
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