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Cloverfield redesigned

So this is my cloverfield desing for the... cloverfield design contest.
Whatever, its pretty self-explanatory the text says it all.

I wanted to make something different that wouldn't look like anything from this planet, since i noted most designs look like fishes, reptiles, insects or... things from this planet, well i tried to avoid that.

By the way, what i am supposed to do with this drawinig?
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rainshadoweffect's avatar
I'm intrigued, and also a little queasy
I like it!
meda asco los parasitos

that is a pretty alien redesign of the Cloverfield monster, i love the concept of it's "microwave scream".
Journeyman81's avatar
Superb and imaginative design and far better than the original. Not sure about the need for a heat ray, but only because the creature is already horrifying already.
cavalier-renegade's avatar
This is a goddamn SCP.
Stegron's avatar
That movie would have been a lot more interesting with this monster replacing the actual one.
tsumefan2's avatar
it kind of looks like....the flood
chaos-in-compounded's avatar
excellent design! it's like something the Cambrian era forgot!
Gyaos2008's avatar
Its a very extreme and radical design that strays from the original, however it actually works in a positive way. This is probably one of the more unique monster designs I've ever seen. I'd truly be terrified if I ever saw this in real life, just looking at the image was unnerving. It looks a lot like some kind of mutant Starfish with it's tentacles and suction cups. The microwave effect it's scream attack does is also pretty interesting.
kiwii-marshmallow's avatar
You should have won.
Bhoddisatva's avatar
This is a terrific design! I run a pen & paper RPG called Anima Beyond Fantasy and this is perfect for a kaiju attack I was planning for the heroes to fend off!
Psychocide's avatar
What a unique and cool design. Almost mutant, alien like.
thomas0comer's avatar
Well done. It looks like some hellspawn of Cthulhu and mycelium.
YoshiMastar's avatar
This is made of eye-sex
thoms230's avatar
This is... so much better than the actual monster. I know that's not saying much, but this is seriously amazing.
joseppe619's avatar
hellcatdave's avatar
Looks like it's copied from HALO 3's flood to me.. No offense, but the Cloverfield monster isn't from space..
Gwan-Thewi's avatar
He posted this before halo 3 came out, but okay
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
I neverd played the Halo games, so its ok :P
op3999's avatar
I look at that mouth when its closed and then I looked at it when it was open. Despite following the arrows, I'm still having trouble following the intricacies of the how that thing opens up.
deaddoll00's avatar
Oh god, why the hell wasn't THIS the monster? D: It would have been so amazing... :heart:
Cropcircledesigner's avatar
...if this had been the monster I would have watched the hell out of this movie.
awesome... you've no idea how much this has impressed me.

mite even write a whole story on this very image one day!!
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