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Are you?

By Rodrigo-Vega
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- Ever heard this ghost's whispering to your ear?
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crumbleupsoulStudent Digital Artist
yes but I kept going im getting better at hand drawing still no good at computer drawing though
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
Oh geeze... yes. ;[
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The-BambookazeeStudent General Artist
Yes!! -__-
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oh yes, know that voice very well... =_____=
i love this birdie, and the writing feather is done very nicely!!
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DancingInTwilightStudent General Artist
that took me a second to get
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UtaoStudent General Artist
That is NOT TRUE! :ohnoes:
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DesmodeusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yup, and not just with art, but the bastard never suggests a useful alternative...
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Some people have a muse strong enough to withstand the harsh realities of business, employment, deadlines, and doing things you don't want to do when you don't want to do them.
Some people's muse is there to help them escape from all of the above.
And some muses are somewhere in between: they may be able do cope with deadlines, but not working to other's directions.

If you feel inclined, take a risk once in a while, and see how your muse copes. But don't dive in and find the muse has abandoned you - or you her.
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my rents say this. I don't want to use art for a career cause I enjoy art. I don't want to kills it with picky customers or being stuck only doing half a big project.
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stevoE26Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i could make a carrere out of art but then i would be forced to do it instead of enjoying it at my own pace so i would much rather waste my talent and live happy than use my talent and kill it for me
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As far as I'm concerned, if the way I'm using my talent makes me happy, then I'm not wasting it. =P
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Rodrigo-VegaProfessional General Artist
As long as it DOES make you happy. I was wondering if talent is good for doing that all...
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SaurabhinatorHobbyist Digital Artist
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I more frequently hear its cousin, "You have no talent" :|

In any case, I really love that feather.
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Rodrigo-VegaProfessional General Artist
Hey! I´ve just chekced your gallery, and you do have talent, you are also very young, so keep on rocking.
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Thank you very much!
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GalaxyGoddessHobbyist General Artist
he's an annoying little bugger, but still so right. *sigh
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