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SE7EN movie poster

SEVEN is one of my favorite movies so I came up with this design very retro ...influenced by the master SAUL BASS.

This will be a part of a new series of posters and I have some ideas on the aporach of my favorite films and styles...
If YOU HAVEN`T SEEN the movie , I strongly suggest you to watch it! Its one of the best crime fims ever!

UPDATE: I change the concept of the poster and make the corpse to resemble a very grotesque number "seven" I also removed the blood because really the move is not about gore..but about murder, psychological thriller and suspense- and reduce the credits size

Thanks to mr. bluebird for his observations ;) I owe u one

Let me know what u think ;) comment please
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hahahahhaha,,, XD
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My favourite movie :)
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this would make an AMAZING screenprint. have you considered doing that? I would purchase one for sure, as "se7en" is my favorite film. Also, I chose your poster art for a review I did, but I can change it if you'd rather [link]
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Thank you, I`m flattered that you used my poster in your review,
and I agree with you SEVEN is 10/10 a perfect film (I loved the saul bass design in your tumblr. by the way).
About the screen could be cool, I`m currently on negotiations of releasing some of my posters for sale.
If it happens (cross ur fingers) I`ll let you know
thanks again mate! :D
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ha Saul Bass style is epic.
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Great poster for one of the best movies ever.
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Wow!! LOVE IT!! :heart:
What an awesome poster!
Super job!!
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thank you very much! :D
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no prob! Keep up the great work!
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Even from the thumbnail view I was like "omg the man with the golden arm!!!" had to click it. Wonderful tribute to saul bass, he really knew how to break something down to its most primal parts
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it´s true only the legendary BASS could create such stylized yet eyecatching desings like that! :D
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This is just completely brilliant.
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AH! very nice work, can definately see the Saul Bass influence. My only criticism is that you used the original 'seven' logo. I understand why you have used it, but IMO a Saul Bass blocky type style would have been better as it would tie in with the rest of the poster better.

Still a FAV from me though!
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Thanks! Great observation.
I did some test with different types for the seven logo
but Couldn`t get any type that had the SAUL BASS appearence
btw do you know any or can you recommend me some font type? I`m looking to explore more of this saul bass style. and a new font could be useful.
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youre welcome!
Saul Bass did most of his type by hand as as such didnt use a set font for his work. what you could do is use the pen tool in PS or AI to loosely 'trace' the word seven in the blocky style of Saul.
I do have a link to one Saul Bass inspired font, which is here, [link]

Hope this helps!
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You are the man! THIS BASS FONT IS AWESOME!... thank you for the link! :)
it`s exactly what I was looking for...I will also try to create a Bass font on my own-

In the meantime ...I can´t wait to use this one in a poster
Thanks again man! :D
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