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Cover for Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa

by Andrez Bergen ... you can buy it here:…

the critics say:

"The best non-comicbook superhero story I’ve ever read."
Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards

"Fabulous book. Hands down, one of my favorites this year. It was amazing. Any writer who can pull twists and a mystery like that deserves recognition and a ton of praise."
Caleb Hill, Acerbic Writing

"Plays with the conventions of comicbooks/virtual reality/dystopian fiction and the good ol' murder mystery."
Renee Asher Pickup, Books and Booze

"A typically inventive and playful take on the golden age of American comics, as seen through a noir lens. If you’ve read any of his previous work you’ll know what a magpie eye Andrez has, with influences ranging from Soviet propaganda to Dashiell Hammett to Charles Dickens."
Eva Dolan, Loitering With Intent

"A highly stylized retro-futuristic world, clever subversion of the heroic narrative... and a heavy dose of sardonic sarcasm guaranteed to give you a case of nostalgia for the good old innocent days of comic books where things were neat, clean and proper."
SF Signal

"If Jack Kirby and Carroll John Daly had a child, science would cry and from those tears would rise Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? Who knew hardboiled superhero/pulp fiction could be so great?"
Ryan Huff, The Geek Of Oz

"Bergen weaves a thought-provoking story filled with interesting characters and plot twists — these are superheroes at their best and worst, just like Stan [Lee] and Jack [Kirby] intended them to be."
John Kowalsi, Word Of The Nerd

"A mystery wrapped in a virtual game world wrapped within an adventure that is deadly, inside and out, and also a commentary on what’s real versus what should be real... Mostly, Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? is fun, with wild leaps of imagination in a world not unlike our own and [a] jokey tone that masks some serious themes."
Corinna Lawson, Criminal Element

"Sam Spade meets the Justice League of America in a dystopian futurewhere everybody's a superhero. Filled with clever references to the Silver Age of Comic books, Bergen knows his comics and how to craft an entertaining mystery."
Silver Age Comics

"We're not in Kansas anymore. Or even Gotham City. Bergen's big-hearted meta-romp wears the author's mighty affection for comic books, past, present and future, on its sleeve, and the call-outs, shout-outs and sly winks zip by faster than a speeding bullet, like a crazy, post-modern road trip with Jack Kirby riding shotgun, and everyone from Stan Lee to Raymond Chandler nattering away in the back seat. More fun than a box of old comics!"
Kevin Burton Smith, The Thrilling Detective

"One page into Andrez Bergen's dystopian landscape and it was clear there was no putting this book down. It reads like an open love letter to the golden age which blends in a gritty (or stark) matrixesque cyberpunk edge."
Matt Kyme, That Bulletproof Kid

"Whilst flexing his comic and cultural muscles to heroic proportions, Andrez Bergen managesto plant a razor sharp tongue into a wickedly hardboiled cheek."
Mike Young & Marc Crane @ LIL Comic

"It’s such an engrossing read, the story set up in fragments of the reality, alternate reality, past, present, different speakers. With a little bit of mind muscle, you get used to it. Just know that I was sniffling then gasping. That’s all I’ll say."
Charlee Allden @ Smart Girls Love SciFi

"In a world of Silver Age superheroes, a murderous villain emerges. Bergen expertly combines the safety of our youth with the dangers of the present."
Jayden Leggett,
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Exactly! ;) Only 99c for digital version - paperback's a bit pricier...
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where are you seeing advertised for 99cents for digital?
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Well, I'm not "seeing advertized" — I'm the author! ;) Anyway, the 0.99c deal was on Amazon USA over the past month but has now sadly ended (this week)...
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Rodolfo's cover absolutely makes the book—can't thank him enough for this. What a knock-out!!
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Sounds like an interesting book,especially with that kickass cover
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That's a good question.

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and now you can find out.... if you buy the book!  LOL  :)
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